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Marjon PGCE Primary

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by Cherrie163, Jan 3, 2011.

  1. Hi Everyone,
    I have an interview for PGCE Primary at Plymouth Marjon on Thursday 6th of January. Is anyone else from TES forums going to be there? xxx
  2. Hi,
    Goodluck but mine is 25th Jan 2011 in lsbu...Hope you get in
  3. Thanks Sara. This is my 2nd year applying to I'm desperate to get in this year. Good luck to you too. I hope you get in!
    I'm currently trying to study but it's difficult when you don't know what they're going to ask you!
  4. Hi Cherrie, I've got an interview at Marjons on Friday. In the same boat as you not knowig what to revise and what to prepare for the tasks!
  5. Me too I am not sure either....I am trying to read things but what?
  6. Hi Emma,
    Is your interview for Primary? I've prepared the task they asked but feel like I should do so much more! I've been revising the National Curriculum and National Strategies but don't know what else to do! xxx
  7. I'm not being interviewed for Marjon's but I too am preparing for an interview.
    I have looked at;
    The White Paper for Schools
    Took a very brief look at the now defunct Rose Report just so that I could get everything into perspective about the changes to the curriculum that were put in place ready to start Sept 2011 and then removed again!
    The National Curriculum
    The 'professional responsibilities' part of the Teachers Pay and Conditions
    and I keep looking on TES, BBC News, Independant and Guardian Education for any current debates etc
    I don't know if I'm doing too much, too little, missing out on vitally important stuff or just doing ok!!!
    Best of luck to everyone!
  8. Hi, this is my second year too. Had my interview on 6th Jan 2010. Really can't wait to hear! Was told we would find out in Jan, but due to tda funding and places I hear rumours of not finding out until March, does anyone know any different?
  9. Hi, this is my second year applying to. I'm desperate to find out now! I had my interview on the 6th December. Seems like such a long time ago. We were told we would be told in January but with rumours of bursary cuts and places not being confirmed as of yet I am told we may not know until March?
    Does anyone know any different to ease my mind?

  10. Hi Katherine,

    The 6th of December is ages ago! We were told at interview on the 6th of January that we would hear by the end of January, I hope this hasn't changed! Where did you hear they may not tell us until March?
    Cherrie xxx
  11. I received an e-mail on Friday from Plymouth Uni, saying that they hoped to hear in February, but they did say January originally when I had my interview on December 14th!
  12. Hi
    i was just wondering if anyone has heard from majon about their interview yet? i had mine on the 6th of january and it has been driving me crazy that they are taking so long to reply!

  13. Hey Lucy,

    I had my interview on the 6th too, I still haven't heard anything either! There are some people who had their interview on the 6th of December and are still waiting! xxx
  14. I had my interview on the 6th January too, i'm bursting to know! I'm getting asked everyday at school if I have news and I really want to say yes either way!!!
  15. I meant 6th December!
  16. Hey
    just seeing if anyone has heard! i didnt get excepted pretty gutted!
    I think if you havent heard from gttr yet than its good news
    Good luck
  17. Hi,

    Do you mean you didn't get into Marjon? When did you hear? xxx
  18. my friend heard from marjon this afternoon with bad news unfortunately so hopefully they'll be putting all decisions up tomorrow! Im hoping it's tomorrow!
    Good luck!

  19. hi cherrie
    yeh didnt get into marjon! checked gttr today and said unsuccessful. if you havent heard from them yet, it is a good thing because they are considering you! had an email from marjon saying that they havent had confirmation on how many places they can give. so people who havent heard today still have a chance!
  20. So sorry you didnt get in hun. Good luck with your next choice. Im hoping the rest of us find out tomorrow. Even if it's a no it would be great to know. xxx

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