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Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by kaznost, Dec 16, 2011.

  1. Hi
    Wondered if there was anyone out there currently working in Manila and could give me some positive vibes! Have an interview next week for a school out there,it has a great reputation and i have been very impressed with the recruitment process so far.... However, from a little bit of research and from living in South East Asia previously, I am concerned about compound life being restrictive, general safety and potential excessive workloads. I have lived in Ho Chi Minh City so quite used to dirty huge Asian cities but always felt quite safe and had a lot of freedom in Vietnam and lived in a house in the community not on a compound. Also, I am a very hard working person so not excessively worried about getting stuck in, however, don't want to be spending every other weekend at school either as would like to make the most of living overseas too and get the balance right.
    It's so early to be making decisions and want to make the right one, would REALLY appreciate any thoughts on Manila,
    Thanks! :)
  2. Moved to manila in august 2011. Had some concerns none of which have materialised! Good city, plenty to do, nice people. Recommended!
  3. Hi Zoneta,
    Thanks for your post - I have just emailed the head and accepted the job offer starting Aug'12 so am really happy to hear from you! I am so pleased you recommend it! Do you live in the Fort Bonifacio area? Do you find you have to get out of the city quite a lot of weekends or just through the holidays? Any good advice in terms of preparing for my move?
    Sorry , so many questions! Kaznost
    Ps - lived in Vietnam previously so know I love South East Asia already.....
  4. ps - What are your highlights of living and working in Manila?
  5. Just reviving this thread to pick a few brains. Have got a job in Manila starting July/August 2012 and am beginning the long process of sorting through all my stuff. Has anyone got any insight into what, if anything, is hard to come by in Manila and worth bringing from the UK? We have a decent shipping allowance but don't want to overdo it.

    Thanks All!
  6. Hi,
    Nothing is ever hard to come by in Manila! :) If you will stay somewhere near Fort Bonifacio, then you will be fine - main city area, financial district is there so the place is surrounded with places you will need to buy anything! From food to gardening materials! Everything! And you can find places where they sell with reasonable pricing! You are going to have fun for sure! [​IMG]
    Traffic is crazy though. Goodluck!

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