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Manga High Website

Discussion in 'Mathematics' started by Colleen_Young, Apr 27, 2012.

  1. Colleen_Young

    Colleen_Young Occasional commenter

    My Year 10s were using Manga High this morning with no problems. In fact I am impressed - it seems to work well consistently well.
  2. Colleen_Young

    Colleen_Young Occasional commenter

    I like the Prodigi Quizzes as do many of my students.
    Lisa Jayne have you contacted Manga High? I have always found them very helpful.
  3. I was going to contact them yesterday but decided to see if other colleagues were experiencing any probs.
  4. paulcollins

    paulcollins New commenter

    I absolutely love Manga High, as do my students. We've never really had any problems with the site, and if the students ever can't log on it's usually just a case of going back to the log in page, selecting our school and trying again.
    The Manga High team are extremely helpful so definitely e-mail them, everytime I've e-mailed I've had a response within the day!
    I would also recommend taking part in one of their free Webinars, it gave me a much better idea of how the site works and how you can use ALL of the features to support your classes in lessons!
  5. Thanks Paul.
    I'm beginning to think the probs are at my end but will contact Manga High tomorrow.

  6. We had an issue related to flash player - the techs had put a block on YouTube that oddly ended up affecting mangahigh on our computers...
    Talk to your techs first, but mangahigh are very good if it is their end.
    Good luck fixing it! :)

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