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Manchester Met - anyone heard anything yet?

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by alexpez, Feb 10, 2011.

  1. alexpez

    alexpez New commenter

    I was wondering if anyone has heard anything yet from Man Met? I've applied for PGCE PE and had my interview in early November and received a conditonal offer but haven't heard a thing since :(
    Anyone else in the same position?
  2. Hi,

    Yes I am in the same postion as you. I have had a conditional offer for the Primary PGCE since Novemeber too. I emailed admissions and they said:
    Thank you for your email. We are hoping to hear about our allocation in the next couple of weeks. The CRB and health check will be organised nearer the start of the course and you will be sent information about this.
    So I think we just need to wait a little longer with our fingers crossed [​IMG]

    Congrats on the conditional offer though!
  3. Well done to you both for the (conditional) offers!

    I'm in the same boat too, had my Primary PGCE interview mid November and got a conditional offer...but still waiting to hear any more.

    Lolene, thanks for sharing the info you received from admissions - when was it that you e-mailed them?

    I'm getting impatient now, just want to know one way or the other!
  4. *Jolene - sorry!
  5. Has your course received a reduction in the number of places?
    I still waiting to hear whether I have an offer from Brighton PGCE PE.
  6. Only on Tuesday unfortunately, but it's a step in the right direction. What date did you have your interview? I had mine on the 19th November.
  7. Having read other posts on here where people have been saying they have had unconditional offers confirmed, I had been expecting some news soon.

    Now I know it may be a slightly longer wait I can stop obsessively checking e-mails and GTTR track!

    My interview was the 24th November. Which campus have you applied to study at?
  8. I'm waiting to hear from Man Met Primary PGCE as well and dont understand how they can say they don't have their numbers from TDA yet when other universities do and have been offering unconditional places since Monday. I wish they could just be a bit quicker.

  9. Didsbury Campus [​IMG]

    It has been a long process, but I'm just grateful that I am in this situation as opposed to being rejected 2 weeks after my interview.
  10. I know, I get impatient and then remember I am lucky to be being considered anyway!

    I've applied for Didsbury too, fingers crossed I'll see you there in September :)
  11. alexpez

    alexpez New commenter

    Yeah my the reductions have gone from 21 to 12 [​IMG] making it really tough now.
    I'll be over at Crewe campus if I get on :)
    Was hoping to hear by the end of this week but no such luck.. just hate the waiting. Other Universities seems to be making decisions from what I've been reading on other forums but no one has yet mentioned Man Met.
    The wait is killing me.
  12. I just rang the admissions office and they said that letters will be sent out (and GTTR track updated) to confirm places over the next week.

    So hopefully not too much longer to hang on for now!!

    Good luck to everyone :)
  13. Hi,
    Well done all of you who got conditional offers. I had my interview for Primary PGCE at Didsbury and got a conditional offer as well. I can't wait to have everything finalised so that I can start planning for September. I had a look at the numbers released by TDA and they have the same allocation as last year, so that's a positive I guess.
  14. Can't believe how long we've been waiting now!! Anyone heard any more news from them? I was hoping to know before the weekend!
  15. Hi everyone. I had my interview for PGCE Primary at Crewe on 17th November. I got a conditional offer through in December but have been waiting impatiently ever since. I did give in and email Admissions at the end of Jan but just got told that they would update us through Track as soon as they could and CRB/health checks would be done nearer the time. I try not to check Track more than every 5 minutes but can't stop myself thinking 'I'll just check again, just in case, SURELY they'll let us know soon....'
    So sorry I haven't anything useful to add but thought I'd just say hi and I've got my fingers crossed for everyone.

  16. alexpez

    alexpez New commenter

    I rang them around 2 weeks ago and was told a letter would be sent out over the next 2 weeks (today being the last day of the 2 weeks) but I suppose another week couldn't hurt...
    Fingers crossed for everyone :)
  17. Anyone heard anything yet?
  18. alexpez

    alexpez New commenter

    Nope not yet :(
    I rang them on Tuesday and was told that the subject leaders were still trying to sort out numbers. Explained the obvious anxiety of waiting and asked if they could give me a rough guide to how long I'll be waiting and they couldn't answer apart from saying 'soon' which is a bit vague.
    I was hoping it would be this week but as it's nearly over, I'm guessing not...
    Anyone else spoken to them and been told anything different?
  19. I haven't heard a thing either. Keep thinking about giving them a ring but haven't as yet. It is slowly starting to drive me mad, but it makes me feel a bit better knowing that we are all in the same boat!
    At least we should know by September!!!

  20. hey!
    I've got an interview for mmu this april for primary pgce, its been updated on the GTTR website but i've not heard anything from mmu themselves yet about the interview, i was wondering what the interview process was like?

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