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Managements of peris and timetabling v. time out of english and maths at KS4

Discussion in 'Music' started by francise, Jun 15, 2012.

  1. My head in his wisdom has employed lots of one to one tutors to help those underachieving in english and maths reach their targets. These one to one sessions with pupils are only happening during drama, art, pe and music.

    As a result he doesn't want a 2-tier system and wants to make a blanket rule that no music lessons can take place during core subjects for pupils in KS4.

    How the hell are we meant to manage the timetabling of all of that? We have no admin support, no technology support and no finance departmental support and just 2 of us in the department working in a school with 1400 on roll.....

    Anyone had similar experiences that can offer suggestions or share stories?

    BTW the head also shared the possiblity of banning all extra curricular music and peri work in school because of the disruption across the school BUT added, I'm not trying to decimate the music department....hmmm...and then he wonders why we have so few taking the subject at KS4.....I wonder?
  2. silverfern

    silverfern New commenter

    Wow, that's tough.
    I had a similar restriction with sixth formers not being allowed to miss lessons, and only allowed to take peri instrument lessons in their 'free' periods. Some strategies that I used, assuming that your peri teachers are pretty unflexible about what days they can teach. So...
    - Make sure that your peri lesson sign-up form has a clause that says, 'School Policy: students may not miss core subjects - therefore instrument lessons are subject to timetabling and may not be able to be accommodated'.
    - Get students to photocopy their timetable and hand it in with their form. Highlight the lessons that they're allowed to come out of (and hope like heck that they have 'non-important' (!) subjects on the same day that the peri is in). Make a 'sorry, no instrument lessons for you' pile of those students who don't have any matches.
    - Do you have to timetable lessons on a rotation? If yes, then you'll have to work out how many teaching slots fit each student's 'non-important' subjects and try and make a best-fit rotation (ie. some students might only rotate through three teaching slots, where others might be able to rotate through all teaching slots).
    Good luck!

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