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Male Teachers & Boyish Culture

Discussion in 'Primary' started by Elohim, Jan 28, 2012.

  1. No, no stereotypes are completely inaccurate. Just like a broken clock is right twice a day.
    They are, however, all bad. Children, like adults, are complex creatures. Not all boys will react well to a male teacher who gears everything they teach towards a football theme. Nor, indeed, are all male teachers that focused on sports, or acting out depictions of violence.
    Children need male teachers because they need to see that males can exist in just a wide a range as the women they encounter, and not to fill any percieved lack in the provision of female teachers.

  2. modgepodge

    modgepodge Established commenter

    I (as a female teacher) am also massively unsympathetic towards the tens of minor "injuries" (if you can call them that) that are presented to me on an hourly basis. Unless there's blood, or a head that's been banged enough to cause damage, I'm not interested. IMO it's the midday supervisors that give out plasters and ice packs way to freely. From me, kids are more likely to get a "run it under the tap" or "put a wet paper towel on it", knowing full well that neither of these things do anything except shut the child up. I am sick of having to explain you only need a plaster if a would in pouring blood, a new plaster is not required on a 3 day old cut that is nearly healed.
    Anyone else suspect that the OP is a) and unemployed teacher, bitter that he did not walk in to a job after qualifying, as all non-teachers believe male trainees will do, or b) a wannabe teacher who is soon to do a PGCE, and currently holds the belief that male teachers will be favoured over female teachers?
    Yes, there are more female than male teachers. However, more women than men train as teachers, so this is set to continue for some time. Many, many boys go through primary school with predominantly female teachers and do very well. Many girls do not, despite the education system apparently being geared towards them.
  3. greta444

    greta444 New commenter

    I am really annoyed by this thread. As a female year 6 teacher, I work really hard to provide a balance of activities thatsuit both boys and girls. As a mother of sons, I also think my approach and attitude is boy friendly. I coach the sports teams, do the residentials and encourage boys in all ways. We have no male members of staff in our school but I do not feel that it impinges on boys' progression or outlook.
  4. minnieminx

    minnieminx New commenter

    I'd be annoyed if I thought the op was in any way serious. As the poster just before you suggests, he is possibly an out of work teacher resorting to supply TA work and bitter that he doesn't have a job.

    Or of course a male applicant recently rejected at ITT interview...this does happen.

    I wonder if the school the op supplied in for a week was a boys school?

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