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Making the switch from teaching to teaching assistant

Discussion in 'Primary' started by beesknees71, Feb 11, 2010.

  1. Hi Beesknees,
    I agree family should come first. Teaching is hard. I started out as a Teaching Assistant, then studied to become a teacher at 51 (a bit late in life) - which I achieved - I gave it my best shot, then had to give it up because it was too stressful and i wanted more time with my husband, son and granddaughter. I didn't have any time to relax at the weekends and my evenings were crammed with things to do for school too, therefore, I decided to return to a Teaching Assistants role where i follow the teachers planning. At least as a teaching assistant you can leave school and not worry about planning etc. Some of my friends think it was the wrong choice (to give up) but I am far happier now and know its right for me. The suggestion about part-time teaching is a good option too though. Good luck in whatever you decide to do and health and happiness is more important than stress!
    Bye for now.

  2. beesknees71

    beesknees71 New commenter

    Thank you to so many of you for responding to my initial post. I've found the advice really helpful, and it has helped me think things through further.
    So.....I finally came to the decision to look for part-time teaching work rather than immediately going for the TA option. To my surprise, the opportunity has arisen for me to work shorter hours in my own school on a short-term basis from September. I'm hoping that the reduced workload will give me a better chance to get planning and marking done during the week, leaving more of the weekend free for my family. If it still doesn't work for us as a family, I can of course consider the TA idea again, but this way feels like I'm giving teaching - which I love - a proper chance.
    Thanks again for all your responses.

  3. How rude. I don't think she was asking for your opinion. She was asking for friendly advice.
  4. Hi, have you considered Supply Teaching? I've just returned to full time teaching (and am LOVING it), my eldest has just moved on to Secondary school.
    I wrote to two local schools when she was a tiny baby offering my services as Supply. I had so much work that I eventually chose between the two schools, and stayed on as their regular port of call until last September.
    If you're lucky you get regular work covering PPA and then you even know you have a fairly regular paycheck coming in.
    Money isn't everything I know but TAs get *** all for all the hard work they do. When I started my Supply Teaching I too had only been teaching 2 years, yet I got over £100 a day, that's actually cheap for a Supply!
    Hope this gives you something else to think about, I didn't read all of the responses so apologies if somebody else has also suggested this.
  5. I don't think u lack 'backbone' at all. Your children and husband should come first and if anything is affecting then it should be addressed. What difference will it make if you become head teacher one day with no children or husband to share your success with.
  6. I know where you are coming from but dont go to TA try someone elses very sensible suggestion of part-time, although that has it's down sides when you are a new teacher. It depends if you job share with someone really good. Sometimes you feel you are doing as much for less money. Hang in there though as inky said it's such a waste all that training to give up now. You have to be more disciplined with yourself and not take work home! In my 3rd year of teaching I worked with an amazing teacher who told me "there will always be more to do" so dont beat yourself up and get better at doing stuff in school time, it will all still be there in the morning. I am actually TA at the moment waiting for relief teaching in Australia,,,dangerous as now they are not giving me teacher work. Go part time if you can and DONT take work home!!

    Good luck

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