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Making The Schlieffen Plan Interesting...

Discussion in 'History' started by craig2410, Feb 11, 2008.

  1. craig2410

    craig2410 New commenter

    Any ideas? I've got the kids setting the classroom out like Europe. They have maps. I'm all outta inspiration now...!
  2. craig2410

    craig2410 New commenter

    Any ideas? I've got the kids setting the classroom out like Europe. They have maps. I'm all outta inspiration now...!
  3. How about explaining it to them and then get them (in groups) to come up with an idea to make it exciting? Successful ideas can be tried by the whole class and then evaluated for their historical accuracy and how much they support the teaching.
  4. Take them outside, and using ribbons or tape or something, mark out the borders on the field/playground. Then make them play the army.
  5. Ian Dawson's website has a great active learning exercise on www.thinking****ory.co.uk - your classroom is mapped out as europe, you have the smallest kid in your class representing belgium etc. my pupils loved it!
  6. thinking history. I don't know whjy they have blanked it out.
  7. get them to act it out - get someone to be poor little Belgium resisting heroically and someone who is Britain reacting to that
  8. WD

    WD New commenter

    Why waste time on such a boring topic! Just tell them in a couple of sentences and get onto something waaaaay more engaging.
  9. I love teaching it and tell them very little. I put up a map of Europe, get them in groups and ask them to come up with a detailed plan of how to invade both East and West Europe.

    I then show them what really happened, they inevitably laugh at how **** the actual plan was and again they brainstorm what stupid mistakes they made...

    It involves a lot of initiative and my kids always like it...
  10. T34

    T34 Lead commenter

    The original plan involved going through Holland. Because this was shelved, the Germans had to attack the forts at Liege to get through.
    That was a nice little battle which the kids might like to re-enact.
  11. WD

    WD New commenter

    Sounds like 'history for boys' to me 'loucher'-do the girls in your class take a massively active part in this activity? Likewise T34.
  12. What do you teach then WD? The history of knitting?
  13. wcg


    Exceptionally sexist and not at all true. I have an all girls history group - we did a reconstruction of the plan, they loved it. Gender stereotypes....
  14. WD

    WD New commenter

    I have spent 16 years teaching History in a girl's seondary modern, and my point was a fair one.Perhaps able girls find that approach fascinating. It is also fair to say that the lesson ideas given here as interesting, would bore me and my pupils to tears.
  15. Fantastic, WD, you must have lots of fun, exciting alternatives to tell us about?
  16. Just an add on as far as British and British Empire forces are concerned but how many people know that the first British Soldiers to come into contact with the German forces advancing as part of the Schlieffen Plan, this was in August 1914 and the Canadian troops advancing on the last day of the war on the 11th, November 1918 were down the same road outside Mons. Plaques some 50 yard apart show where the first and the last shots were fired. Also that the first and the last British abnd British Empire (Brititish Army Lancers and Canadian Army Infantry)casualties of WW1 are buried just across the same path in St. Symphorien war cemetery (originally a Potash mine) near Mons.
    Hope some of this is of interest to you.

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