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Making the right start in a new job +school after the Easter half term....any advice?

Discussion in 'Workplace dilemmas' started by sideshow, Apr 15, 2012.

  1. You need to introduce yourself a bit, but don't spend a whole lesson on expectations, maybe 10 minutes.
  2. Good luck for Monday!

    I would just jump straight into the teaching after a very short introduction. One of my uni tutors told me that relationships are built not forced and that was why he hated ice breakers! This was following a discussion we all had about taking up our first teaching posts and how best to assert yourself.

    But whatever you decide have a great day :)
  3. It is harder to start at Easter. I did this once and found i had to deal with poor behaviour which just evaporated in september - the kids don't quite see you as their teacher / proper teacher mid way through! Having said that, it's quite useful to get the lay of the land before sep - and makes starting in sep loads easier!!
  4. I've never started a permanent position in a school midway through the academic year but I did work a lot in supply before taking up the permanent position I am in now, so I do know what it is like to come in as the new member. Most of the advice already posted is excellent. Yes, give yourself a small introduction and then dive in. It will take time to build good relationships but as you are experienced you should be fine. Good luck!!
  5. foxtail3

    foxtail3 Star commenter

    I would always, always set my expectation for behaviour on the first day. Even though it's not September, it's your establishment phase with these pupils and they need to know what you expect of them. It doesn't have to be haranguing, just a brief, clear outline of how your classroom works and the rewards and consequences that apply (always linking with the school's of course.)
    Most kids will have some attempt to 'try it on' with a new teacher, so you need to be clear about what you want from them.
  6. missmunchie

    missmunchie New commenter

    I'm in the same position as you, in that I start my new job at a new school tomorrow.
    Thanks for all the advice.
    I'm lucky in that the teacher who is leaving will also be at school on Monday so we can do a proper handover. Usually, when you start in September, the teacher you are replacing leaves in July and you never get to meet them. I think this will cut down on some of the acting-up-for-the new-teacher behaviour. Plus I have quite a few exam level groups, which I think are more focused on their work, especially now.
    A good idea is to let them know fairly early on that you are in charge of writing their end of year reports!
    Good luck to you and let us know how you get on!
  7. frustum

    frustum Star commenter

    Starting a contract in January, I found it extremely helpful that the HoD managed to come along to the first lesson with each GCSE group to introduce me - hopefully the outgoing teacher will be able to do this for you. She said how hard it was to have a change of teacher at this point in the course, but how lucky they were to have an experienced teacher replacing Mr X, who would be able to pick up where he left off. She also pointed out that it would be hard for me to learn a new school's systems starting mid-year, so she was trusting them to help me with that. I found it really helpful to have someone else sell my credentials to them.
  8. Thanks everyone for your comments.
    I am eager now just to get that first day and those first few lessons "over with"!! Just so I remember I CAN do it! I am trying to remember I am experienced and well-trained so it's not like I'm an NQT starting in an unknown school, but it's just natural to be nervous?!
    I do hope my school has everything ready for me the way I left it for the teacher coming in after me in my old school.........!

  9. missmunchie

    missmunchie New commenter

    I had to do a cover lesson in the first period so I was not introduced to the students in the way I had planned.
    I teach Science and the school is poorly equipped, plus there is no technician. :)-()
    Students were fine, except Year 8s, they look like they are going to be a giant pain, and they are also my form group.
    It's really going to be a lot of work as even exam level students are expected to be in school.
    Feeling tired now. zzzzzzzzzz

  10. I feel your pain MissMunchie....
    Sigh, I had no class lists, no SIMS, no timetable was available so I had to ask the students lined up outside my classroom which year and set they were, no key to even open the classroom door.....no spare textbooks, paper, pens, not even a board marker or cloth to wipe it with.......SIGH...luckily I had my own box of tricks but I clearly expected too much to find a whiteboard marker in the classroom.....?!
    WHY do schools do this?! They knew I was starting today, they've known for weeks now, is it too much to expect a "welcome pack" of everything I'll need to be ready!?!
    My lessons were "awful" today (compared to my usual standards!) it was purely SURVIVAL today :(
    Feel absolutely shattered but hopefully it can only get better...!?!?
  11. frustum

    frustum Star commenter

    Hopefully today will be better and the kids have been sympthetic to your plight.
    I was issued a wonderful "induction pack" when I started a job mid-year. When I next come across it, I might get round to (a) going through it and indicating which things didn't happen before I left, and (b) appending a list of the things they've missed out from their checklists. My HoD was great and I had keys, stationery, lists, so much better than you. But the laptop wasn't ready, and when I got it, it didn't have the interactive board software, or any other standard department software. I had to see different people to get access to the network and to SIMS. And halfway through the contract, I discovered there was a weekly staff bulletin which I wasn't getting. I never did get onto the library system, but fortunately the librarian let me have what I needed unofficially.
  12. missmunchie

    missmunchie New commenter

    Hugs to you, that sounds awful.[​IMG]
    My second day was better. The classes did not play up so much for the teacher that was leaving as he was gone.
    I also found out that I'm not allowed to photocopy or print! TBH this is not such a problem as in other schools all the photocopies I made would either get lost or crumpled in the kids school bags. Plus it's time consuming and we have textbooks and an IWB so I'll use those instead and hopefully save a few trees. LOL
    I had class lists, but they were for the entire year, not sorted into form or class groups. Sigh
    There was no lighter for the bunsen burner, luckily there was a full gas bottle! I did a simple experiment with the children which they enjoyed. Although, it will be a struggle to find relevant experiments to do with such limited resources.
    I also have to email the parents the homework for each class. There's not enough time in the day to do everything!
    I hope your students behaviour improves for you, I'm sure it will get better.

  13. We will get there...I hope!
    Yesterday (day 2) was MUCH better, I actually came away from work relieved, happy and feeling positive........today, meh! I had these thoughts in my last school but some days I really do wonder why I want to teach other people's kids..........kids who don't listen, shut up, realise they're annoying the good ones who sit there and try, don't respect authority etc etc
    And tomorrow I've a 5 period day....yay...........*sigh*
    early night for me I think!!!!!!
    fingers crossed it keeps getting better!!!!!

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