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Making revising case studies more interactive

Discussion in 'Geography' started by ch4nt4l, Mar 26, 2019.

  1. ch4nt4l

    ch4nt4l New commenter

    Hi all;
    I have had a new (new to me) idea about how to approach revising case studies.
    We/they are writing a radio news report script for their chosen case study, we are using the hazards topic. They will have a presenter, they can have as many interviewees as they need to cover all of the content and they are imagining that the 'show' is taking place a week after the event. They will use the key facts of the event in their introduction and then interview government officials, locals, aid workers etc to present the short/long term impacts, relief/aid responses and the long term responses / mitigation plans. Once they are happy with the scripts we will record them and share the mp3 recordings with the class so that they can listen to them to revise.
    Beyond the standard "complete the table" worksheet I was stuck, couldn't think of a game, index cards didn't seem to work ..... inspiration finally stuck and yr11 seem keen to give it a try. In their words "this will be so embarrassing to listen too i'll probably never forget it" which is the whole idea of revision really.
    Sorry no resources worth sharing yet but an idea which I hope helps liven up some revision lessons.

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