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Making my KS3 MLD classroom more foundation phase-like

Discussion in 'Special educational needs' started by Loony tunes, Apr 20, 2011.

  1. Loony tunes

    Loony tunes New commenter

    Hi, I teach a KS3 class of SLD/MLD pupils. I'm wanting to work in a more foundation phase (I'm in Wales) way. I've been on a couple of foundation phase courses and am really excited and think my class will really benefit from it but I'm now a little bit stuck.. I have lots of ideas but don't really know how to impliment them....Has anyone done this? How have you set your classroom up? We've got a reasonable amount of space but not a lot of resources. What does your timetable look like? How do you make sure everyone is actively engaged and how do you keep track of everyone? How do you train your children to work in this way? Any advice???? Thank you!
  2. I would be very aware of how to manage this in an age-appropriate way, that's usually one of the biggest criticisms in special schools - that resources/curriculums are not age appropriate. In some of our KS2 classes they run pretty much like a normal class (whole class starter, group/individual table work, plenary) but they do add an 'extension activity' which is basically a self-chosen, independent activity. It used to be called 'choose time' but this was criticised by Ofsted, and others, so now it's an 'extension activity' and is usually related to the lesson or some continuous learning objective for each individual child. They usually have a box of items from which the children/young people can select - in literacy it might be malleable materials, mark-making tools, books, comics, fine motor control toys, games, etc.
    Sorry that's not much help!
  3. Have you looked into nurture groups, they run on a simillar grounds to what you are suggesting.

  4. Loony tunes

    Loony tunes New commenter

    Sinkingship - thanks, have just done a quick search and it looks interesting.
    Dinx67 - here in Wales the foundation phase runs all the way up to the end of year 2 and so I think there is a lot of scope for us. At the moment we are doing more traditional lessons but I don't think its working. Its not giving the children enough opportunity to practice, consolidate and develop skills taught and I think (hope) working in this way will help them develop their independence skills. Thanks for your reply though, it all helps me consider the different issues and potential difficulties.
  5. I have a KS4 nurture/foundation class - we are still a work in progress - even after 5 years - but try and make things age appropriate for the pupils! We have a similar timetable to the rest of the school - but our lessons are repeated and have less content in them. We also use a very visual timetable and most worksheets are made using communicate in print (widgit symbols) along with writing so that pupils can access these to the best of their ability.
    The ethos of staff (of which there are limited ones - not all staff teach these students) is that it is very family orientated - manners are important, as are practical skills - once a term we cook lunch together and invite other staff - the pupils then eat and host with the staff. We camp once a year on school premises and have a couple of days out around that. We try and make as much of the local area as possible.
    If you wanted more information please feel free to PM me - I am more than happy to talk about my favourite subject :)
  6. Loony tunes

    Loony tunes New commenter

    Thanks dazzlingdiamonddust - have PM'd you.

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