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Making Maths make sense.

Discussion in 'Primary' started by Playingthegame, Sep 23, 2007.

  1. Anyone use this method for teaching Maths? I know a school that has been doing it for five years and their current year 4's that started doing it in year one have got the highest attainment in the school in year 3 for years. What do people think? does it work? Any advice?
  2. Richard Dunne is great! I was fortunate enough to receive some training from him several years ago and still use his methods now. Every school I have worked in subsequently, I try and get to follow this.

    My class love their cups :)

    MH x
  3. The school I'm talking about was also filmed for teachers TV. Just wondering, how do you do the teacher where you have to use scripts? I ask this because I know a lot of the teachers find it hard standing in front of the class and reading from a piece of paper.
  4. What a pity that on the web page they have a picture of 1/2 divided by a 1/4 and call it a sum!!!! :0(
  5. I think their big problem is they move year groups every 2/3 years so have to relearn everything. Did you get the new MMMS stuff for 07/08 with the new scripts? They received them with lots of things changed around such as ratio sticks being introduced in year 3.
  6. I startfed using it in a year 3 anc 4 class last year. Just introduced the calculation aspects. Am following the plans this year though and think it is excellent. Have three children on P scales this year and they can be included in much of the lessons. Found last year, that children no longer reversed numbers and they retained the information over holidays much more than they had previously.

    The children are enthusiastic, I love the homework games using cards and dominoes.

    Richard Dunne has always provided help when I have emailed him when I was unsure of something.

  7. We don't use it yet but was in a school on and off for the last two weeks and observed all of Key Stage two (as they had the most experience) doing it and I really liked it, when I asked the teacher about using the script she said that she used to know what they all were but now they have just had the revised stuff for 2007 and have had to re-learn various things.
  8. thanks. it would be great to see them to see if I can fit it in with our curriculum. thanks for sharing.
  9. Hi do you have a mixed y3/y4 plan for MMMS
    Many thanks
  10. I spoke to Richard Dunne about mixed ages. A bit different as I am introducing it in school, so am using the getting started grid. I provide the year 4 children with practice while doing class work with year 3 then give year 3 some independent work and work with year 4.

    Sometimes get the year 4 to act as experts and work with a small group of year 3 or they use the homework games for basic number facts.

    It seems to have worked so far - they can also access the main lesson if they have a need for more practice. I am using individual cups more this year as this group respond better to using their own.

    I am lucky that my head also thinks it is a good idea, and OFSTED thought it was great last year to help a poorer year group make better than average progress.

    The teacher following me is not finding it so easy - but then she has been "forced" into it I suppose, but she is willing to give it a go and the children are keeping her right.

    I love using it - when I first started I referred to the scripts all the time, but told the children I had to so I made sure I got it right - it wasn't an issue to them. The other staff (TAs, dinner ladies etc) would often gather in the corridor and watch through the window in my classroom as the children went on about how good it was. got a level 1c child to 2b last year and the difference in their confidence was amazing.
  11. sherry2828 would it be possible for me to see the plans for year 1? Maths is a key issue in our school. Thank you :)

  12. I have looked at this and started to try with Reception at the end of last year. I now have year 1 and am struggling with planning/new framework and would appreciate any help.
  13. The new framework is not compulsory. I use the plans from the MMMSRD disc and am lucky that it really helped a group last year, so the head does not expect plans written in another format (not for MTP). Short term plan again follows closely, with some added notes to make it fit my situation.

  14. Hi, I'm really interested in using math's makes sense- i have a year 4 class, would it possible to look at your planning?


    many thanks, Becky

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