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making it fun?

Discussion in 'Science' started by Woozle, Dec 9, 2002.

  1. ms phys added it to my 'to do' list as your last recomendation was excellent. I have convinced the dept 'furry elephant' should be purchased and we are trawling the budget to see if it is possible.

    I have to teach electrolysis this week and as I am being mean and teaching right up to the last day we are going to copper plate christmas tree's and stars. Happy Christmas folks.
  2. When I did atomic structure I used a version of the Adams family song, aptly called the Atoms family, along with a story. The song sheets are stuck on my wall and every class I have beg me to allow them to sing it.

    I must admit though I find lots of kids put on a 'cool' front and don't want to have anything with 'fun' lessons!! year 10 especially, when I asked one class to draw posters about acids and alkalis I was met with a 'why don't we just copy off the board'!! No imagination or creativity, a legacy of my predesessor perhaps?
  3. mighty-mans please share the atoms family song. I am a biologist who is teaching triple award chemistry and would really like to get my group singing.
    Even when copying from the board they do not escape, I use silly titles and pictures whenever possible most are reproduced in the kids work but one child edits to make it all serious stuff hence;
    'Mr snuuffles and Mr snappy' becomes predator prey cycles and 'Hair raising experience' becomes static electricity, 'Torturing fruit' becomes making batteries. My beautiful water cycle complete with sea monster, man fishing for a boot and dead dinosaur under rocks was just frowned at but at least he copied the smiling sun. I may yet win!! Aren't all scientists supposed to be slightly loopy?
  4. Woozle
    I'm beginning to despair - apart from our contributions, only pumpkin,mighty_mans
  5. I'll try again ......apart from pumpkin, mighty_mans and ginoni, ( and a q from flaming) no-one else seems to be making it fun! I love the ideas - will certainly try cotton wool/predators topic but may have to make it something edible so they'll play the game!! I know it's the end of term, but I know there are tons of good and fun things to do..Make It Fun!!!!
  6. ms-phys is it really only us 'making it fun' or sharing ideas. (Trying to provoke others to prove me wrong). If so this is very sad, as again I am at home writing lessons for someone else to teach. I feel I have been ill for ever in reality only last 5 weeks but with at least two weeks off sick scattered.
    I am dying of curiosity, please excuse the questions and feel free to ignore 'But where-abouts do you teach and how long have you been teaching'. This is my first year out of NQT and I am working in south east although long to return North in a year or so.
    take care
  7. Hello well here the song... but beware its really adictive. I couldn't stop singing it for days. I would love to take the credit but I didn't write it. So I have also added the web address for all the over stuff which includes the story and other stuff with the Atoms family.

    The Atoms family

    They?re tiny and they?re teeny,
    Much smaller than a beany,
    They never can be seeny,
    The atoms family.

    They are so small (clap clap)
    They?re round like a ball (clap clap)
    They make up the air,
    They?re everywhere
    Can?t see them at all.

    Together they make gases
    And liquids like molasses,
    And all the soild masses
    The Atoms family.


    Neutrons can be found
    Where protons hang around
    Electrons they surround
    The atoms family



    I wish that others would include postings here, I've loved all the ideas so far. If you really want to risk ruining your cred I have written a song about acids and alkalis.. its a bit **** but when I get back form my sick bed I'll be subjecting year 10 to it. I just can't wait for the head to walk past as I'm belting out my latest hit and all the kids are sat in stoney silence.
  8. mighty-mans Thankyou thankyou thankyou. This is going to be lots of fun next term. How do you organise it in class, can you convince them all to sing? Please share any other songs you have up your sleeve.
  9. Love the song, will certainly be having a go at that one!!I've tried doing 'rounds' -you know, where you sing something and they repeat it - to remember equations and it's quite funny to watch them doing tests 'cos they are all mouthing the song!! Same is true if you use 'word walls' - they all look at the wall even if the words have gone - have you heard of Alastair Smith at ALITE? He explains it wonderfully- are your schools into accelerated learning??
    Don't mind you asking Woozle - I've been teaching over 10 years and after spells in North West(where they thought I was posh!) and London (where they thought I talked common!) am now in South Wales (where they just think I'm mad!) I too originate from the North and miss it dreadfully.
    ms phys
  10. I love all your fun ideas! I'd like to create my own store of quick, fun ideas to inject into a lesson, as I'm doing supply and find it so boring to teach lessons where the work set is "make notes on p x and answer the questions".

    When I was in a permanent job many years ago I discovered a compost heap in my garden, leaves and grass cuttings interspersed with crisp packets of various vintages. Perfect for illustrating biodegradable/ non-bio. materials. I took a load of it in a big bucket and my bottom set mod. Science Y10s had great fun doing archaelogy in the leaf mould, like a lucky dip - find a crisp packet, wash it and read the sell-by date. They were startled to find 15-year-old packets good as new. Maybe helped with the litter problem in north Leeds?
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  11. ms-phys accelerated learning? I have enough trouble coping with the learning. What is ALITE? it is reasuring to hear proper teachers still doing loopy activities as sometimes I get that look from my colleagues that says she'll grow out of it. I have had a bit of a strange day my yr 10 have never played happy families so when I tried to get them into family groups based on the cards i handed out at the door we got a little confused. Anyway we managed in the end.
  12. woozle - you ARE a proper teacher, especially if the loopy things you are doing is helping them learn!! You should read two of Alastair Smith's books about Accelerated Learning 'Accelerated Learning in the Classroom' and Accelerated Learning in Practice' - sounds just up your street!! Seriously - good brain based learning stuff!!!
  13. Woozle with the song I find that the class you want to sing it with arn't so keen so I just threatend then with a break time detention until they sang. As you'd imagine the boys were more enthusiastic than the girls... it then got to the point that they wouldn't and still don't shut up. All the other classes just sing along anyway (I've got the words up on the wall). And I now have classes in year 7 that when I asked them what the smallest thing is ... expecting cells I got the answer atoms... when I asked what were atoms they replied I don't know but its one the wall... For warned is for armed!!.

    Ms phys.... where abouts in s.wales?
  14. Hi Guys I am back.
    Hope you had an excellent christmas. I have stumbled across another idea and intend to try it out next term.
    A friend has made plaster models of cells. You just model cell organelles out of plasticine place them in a round margarine or ice cream tub and poor on the plaster. When they have set tip them out and paint them. This sounds suitably messy and I am going to B&Q to buy lots of plaster mix. This could be a class activity for cells. I am going all out and will try to model the digestive system, flower parts, cells, model eye and ruminant digestion (Rural Science). If it works lots of messy fun for me if not broken into pieces and dropped into a plant pot it will provide drainage.

    Have a Heppy New Year and keep posting your ideas for me to try.
  15. Have been viewing this page with much interest over the last weeks - sorry to have waited until now!

    Loved the ideas! Agree about Furry Elephant!

    Have started to use a lot of fun video clips as starters - don't know if they're any good - but have found that most kids have liked them ...

    Percy makes green from Blackadder II as an intro to analysing copper carbonate - the rest of the tape os TOTALLY unsuitable for school - it's the episode with the baby eating Bishop of Bath and Wells!!

    The start of The Wrong Trousers with energy changes

    Homer Simpson (sacked from job as safety officer when Germans take over the power plant) as H&S with household electrics

    There are lots of others ... lots of Aardman stuff, other Simpsons bits

    Would like to hear of any others!
  16. Sorry ... meant "is totally unsuitable" - it's also a 15 so worth copying off onto another tape to ensure that there's nothing unsuitable that you can get hauled in front of the Head for
  17. Budgie,I really like the idea of the video clips, will attempt to find the ones you've suggested.The Simpsons are a great gift to teaching! I like to use Bart at the centre of a concept cartoon because he can get away with saying strange things and I play the theme tune as they are discussing the concepts.
  18. Nice one - will try it with my disaffected year 11, year 10 ....
  19. I've just copper plated my lab key and it looks very pretty!
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  20. Hey, sorry I too have been reading with interest for a litle while and haven't got round to contributing yet! There are some excellent ideas on here... did the plaster cell work Woozle? Lovely messy stuff... right up my street! Made wind and water turbines with year 7 last term... which I know is not an original idea by any means but good fun provided you direct them towards the science bit of it. Newtons discs are always good for splitting light coz they can take them home to show their mums and dads ahhhh!
    keep up the good work.

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