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Making friends on TES- Year 1/KS1/Early Years

Discussion in 'Primary' started by em1981, Aug 21, 2008.

  1. Hi
    I would love to join the group. I taught rec/Yr 1 last year and I'm currently working in Yr 1. I'm not sure yet which year group I will be in September but I think it will be either Year 1 or Reception. We have an outside area for the 3 Yr 1 classes, which is manned by a TA. This really helps the children with the transition.

  2. I'd love to join the group too. I'm an NQT in Year and we're a 1-form school so I've been finding my way all year! Ideas to borrow and people to ask would be fab!
  3. Hi sorry to be a pain but i am doing toys this year . Year 1 but my husband is ill and i am finding it hard to find time to plan .I wonder if you would consider sharing your plans.

    thank you
  4. Hi, although I have noticed that your post was quite a few years ago now, was just wondering if you were still using this topic plan, we are so bored with our same old units and need some inspiration. It would be great to see a copy of your topic plan if that would be possible.I can send on my email if that would help.Thanks for your time.

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