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Making friends on TES- Year 1/KS1/Early Years

Discussion in 'Primary' started by em1981, Aug 21, 2008.

  1. I would also like to join the group and share ideas. We have just moved over to a skills based curriculum and will be testing it out for the first time in the Autumn Term. (We are using Chris Quigley's ideas to help us with the planning.)
  2. ballerina

    ballerina New commenter

    wilky - is the skills based curriculum the same as a creative curriculum?
  3. Em, I have used the TES mail to send you my email address. Good idea!
  4. Hiya everybody :) I'm an NQT starting in Year 1 - I started in February so have done a term and a half already, very wary about the new year but looking forward to it! [​IMG]
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  6. steves angel

    steves angel New commenter

    What a brilliant thread. One where people understand what others are stressing about. Also a great place to share ideas.
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  8. Oooooh, struggling big time with this new format!!!

    But, I would love to be included in early years friends. I have taught year 1 for a year and now we are moving to a more foundation stage classroom etc, and I am panicking! We start back next week, and at the moment, we have NO planning at al!!
    Help and support from people potentially in the same or a similar situation will help keep me sane, (if I can ever understand here!!!)
    K x
  9. If you would like to join the group use the link below in my signature or leave your email address here![​IMG]
  10. Hi everyone. I am moving to year 2 for the first time since beginning teaching 7 years ago. Taught all Key Stage 2 year grps and had a little bit of ks1 teaching exp with some team teaching last year. I am slightly scared about it all really and trying to get my head around phonics and new L + S stuff as well as many other things! I would be grateful for any help .... hand holding, soothing words - it will be alright and curriculum links/ ideas from the hive mind of the TES community. I would love to be anyone's friend if you will have me and I am off to join your group, although i think I already joined an existing yahoo grp. Mad x
  11. Hi, I'm starting in Y1 in September -argh that's next week! - after having taught in y3 and y4 so VERY daunted! Some friends on here to scratch heads with would be a real help so can I join your group too please?!

    My address is peskycat@gmail.com

    Thanks! Kat.
  12. Hi would love to make some friends to share ideas etc. I am new to year 1 too and a new school in september.

  13. Hi, I think this is a great idea too. I would like to join this group. Ive been teaching Year 1 for four years and we are trying to have a more foundation stage approach in Y1.

    my email ad is julieroberts901@hotmail.com
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  14. Hello ballerina,

    Sorry about the late reply..... As far as I am aware the skills based curriculum relates to progressive skills from levels1 to 5 (and beyond no doubt but I only have the primary book). It takes each foundation subject and relates the skills directly to the POS of the national curriculum. Therefore you can be as creative as you want in terms of the topics you want to teach. However I don't think this is the same as the creative curriculum - which I don't know too much about! Hope this helps...
  15. lucye

    lucye New commenter

    I would like to join the group too. Have been teaching in year 1 for 3 years & am moving to year 1 in September. we are using the mew maths & Lit strategy & my school is quite traditional. would love to share some new ideas.

    my emil is;


    Thanks in advance!
  16. Hi

    Would love to join too!

    I have completed the first term of my NQT year in year 3 and I am moving to year 1 in September although it's the same school I think the age drop is going to be a shock! Would be good to have people to chat to!
  17. Hi I would like to join as I have just moved into a y1/2 class and we are moving towards a skill based curriculum too. I have only been teaching for a short time (did GTP) and therefore still find that I can easily get overwhellemed by all that you are meant to achieve with the class - especially now that I have to cover Y1 and Y2.
  18. MadTeacher1

    MadTeacher1 New commenter

    Hii Mrs J and all you teachers on this forum. I am a secondary NQT (started in Sept 08). My good friend has just been told that her 5 yr old daughter who started YR1 in Sept is not reading and writing well (her levels are at P5 for both!). Please can you tell me where I can get resources from so that I can show her how to help her daughter out of this sticky YR 1 situation?

    Many, many thanks, All!

  19. Hi, would like to jump on the bandwagon and join the group.

    I've been teaching Year 1 for 2 years now, love my job (not to sad I hope!). It does help that mental I'm like a 5/6 year old!!!! but then again I'm a man!!!



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