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Making friends on TES- Year 1/KS1/Early Years

Discussion in 'Primary' started by em1981, Aug 21, 2008.

  1. I thought it would be nice if we could start making friends in relevant year groups and others of course. I am in Y1 and we are starting to move towards a skill based curriculum. We are already working more like the foundation stage but we are just striving for our own outdoor classroom. Would like to share ideas with others or just make friends who know what I am stressing about!!
  2. Hi, Thats a really good idea! I am an NQT in year 1, my school is keen for y1 to be like foundation, although we are still unsure about how to go about this!!
  3. Pippi

    Pippi New commenter

    Yes, I'm experienced with Y2 but am moving to Y1 this year and changing to get continuous provision going for the transition and I feel like an NQT again, trying to get my head round it all!

  4. [​IMG] That's a really good idea! I'm moving from Y6 to Y1 and am TERRIFIED!!!! Friends in Y1 would be great! It would be fantastic if we could all help each other.
  5. tog


    (Why do I keep pressing "report abuse" when I want to press "reply"? So annoying!)

    Hi - I'm going to Y1 (from FS) but in a different school - Y1 set up as Reception and moving towards more "formal" curriculum style during the year.
    Would be great to talk to people as although I have a fair bit of FS experience I have only ever taught a straight Y1 class in a school where it was very formal - literacy hour, worksheets etc.
    VERY stressed about September - and it's suddenly very near!
    PS Lots of Y1 people post in the Early Years staffroom (just checking, no, this is Primary, thought so) so you might want to look for others in there.

  6. this is a good thread! i've been in y1 for 2 years and carrying on this year. keen to hear and share any ideas x
  7. ballerina

    ballerina New commenter

    I'm Year 2 this year, moving up from FS/1, will be good to share ideas. Got a very low Year 2 class so I know I will be looking at Year 1 work a lot
  8. Hi sounds like a brilliant idea! I'm moving into a Y1/2 class but it's much more play based than what i'm used to.

    Plus it's always nice to know you're not alone!

    Count me in![​IMG]

  9. Yep, i am up for this friendship group. I am going into year 2 for the first time and having kittens[​IMG]
  10. A friendship group sounds good. I am staying in year 2 this year (will be third year) and would love to share ideas. [​IMG]
  11. ballerina

    ballerina New commenter

    Perhaps we could have a brainstorming session about topics in Year 1 & 2. My school is going to be moving to a creative curriculum and I wondered what topics other Year 1 & 2 teachers did - moving away from QCA if poss.
  12. I'm also in year 1 for the second year. Making friends would be great!
  13. Hi peeps,

    I have taught year one for a couple of years. I have just done a 3 year stint in year 2 and am now moving to reception [​IMG] which is a bit scary!! I would love to perhaps "trade" some year 1 or 2 help for some early years advice!!!

  14. We are starting to work on a two year cycle with Y2.

    Our topics for this year are:

    All about me, Winter wonderland, At the top of the beanstalk, Crash, Bang, Wallop, Fairground fun and The Ugly Bug Ball.

    So we will all be doing the same topics in Y1 and Y2 but we have ensured that the y2's will not be repeating anything they have done with us in Y1.

    We have a Year B too but I cant think of those topics off the top of my head at the moment!

    Would be interested to see what other people are doing!

  15. Hi, I'm afraid I dont know how to 'make friends' I haven't been initiated in facebook. However, I am staying in year 1 for the third year and now my year group partner has retired will be working alongside an NQT. As a school we are trying to teach creatively though progressing slowly, having a FS background helps me plan for a more play based learning environment. I would love to make friends.
  16. Hiya

    I would like to be aprt of this group too. I have taught year 2 for 2 years and now I am moving to reception and covering year 1 for 1/2 a day as well. Really excited about moving to reception but i am a one form entry school so am sure i will need some of you for advice.

    I love early years and have some exp of adopting foundation stage approaches in KS1.
  17. Hii Jemima22

    I have sent you a friend request as it seems as though we are in a similar situation! Maybe we can help each out!!


  18. <font face="Times New Roman" size="3">Friendship is a great idea, i'd love to chat to teachers in the same year group and exchange ideas throughout the year. I have been in year 1 for the past 2 years and again am in year 1 this year. I find it very hard at the start of the year for the year 1 children as all they want to do is play and as a school we are expecting them to sit down and work all at the same time, which they are noe used to at all. Transition ideas would be fab. Would like the classroom to be more like foundation stage for the first term, think this would really help the children.</font>
  19. Hello all !This is an excellent idea. I have been teaching KS2 children for 13 years, have moved to Scotland and I now have to do a probation where I am teaching just 3-7 years olds, for 135 days. I am <u>absolutely terrified</u> as I have never taught lower than Y3 and have no idea what to expect. I am 500 miles away from home, don't know anyone yet (apart from my hubby!) and feel quite alone [:'(]so this friendship group sounds like just the ticket!
  20. Hi

    I am going in to my fourth year in Y2. I previously taught YR for three years.

    We have KS1 topics on a 2 year cycle. This year our topics are:

    *Houses and Homes



    *Healthy Living

    *Healthy Eating


    Next year our topics will be:




    *On the Move

    *Around our School

    *Joseph's Coat

    [​IMG] If you want any more info on our topics let me know



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