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Making evaluations fun?

Discussion in 'Design and technology' started by misspixie9, Oct 28, 2011.

  1. ...or at least sound it!

    I'm sure I covered something about this during the PGCE, but in trying to get all the boxes ticked, even *I'm* getting bored during the evaluation process! I know that there's certain things that need to be done - the "what would I change?", "what could be better?", "what have I learnt?" questions - but can anyone suggest a way of doing this that doesn't involve worksheets, tons of questions, and drawing pictures of finished pieces?

    Pixie x
  2. Focus on peer testing- evaluating each others. I get mine to think of four different tests first. Then test and write up results. The word evaluation comes at the end and is quite a small box.
  3. Hi;

    It depends on the equipment you have but we sometimes do a video evaluation in which the students are filmed talking about the project and the finished product. The students seem to really enjoy it and i'm hoping to develop it a bit further to add video editing to the skills.
  4. If you're evaluating a product have the class rank their outcomes, they love it! Whole class evaluation, students place their products in rank order then you ask which are out of place and why. Students write post it notes for reasons why levels/grades were achieved and targets for improvements (can use 2 different colours) for each piece. Students can just keep their post its in a wallet, very little sit down/churn out worksheets at all, mine just record their level/grade achieved and target :)
  5. ooh I like the rank order thing - as long as they don't get upset - do you have a start and finish level?
    I do peer marking and testing where we test the product. actual written evelaution very short really. Just how they can change the finished thing.

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