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Making a complaint against the CoG/BoG?

Discussion in 'Governors' started by STEMmadness, Jun 1, 2015.

  1. I was recently invited to join the board of governors as a parent governor, and because of a lack of volunteers, should have been elected unopposed.

    The other parent governors were informed, and a couple of them, as well as other people connected with them, approached me with congratulations and offered to chat about what was involved - so effectively the 'news was out'. At this point, two complaints were received about me from other parents - I don't know who, although I have suspicions and I'm not privy to what the complaints were.

    On the back of this, I was asked not to attend the meeting I should have been inducted at, and have now received a letter from the CoG saying that he isn't now going to invite me to join the Board of Governors.

    It all seems a bit cloak and dagger and I'm also not very happy because clearly it had been annouced that I was going to a governor, and now I'm not, I assume they will be sending out recruiting letters again, I can imagine there will speculation in the playground as to why I'm not.

    I want to make a formal complaint about it - formal because I have had a conversation with the CoG where he didn't tell me anything and at the moment it feels as though they are sweeping it under the carpet and hoping I will go away and I would really like to know what I'm supposed to have done.

    What's the best way to proceed with this - I asked the head for a copy of the school complalnts policy today and she's sent home 4 other complaint policies (the trust the school is part of, general guidance but no complaint form, an out of date model policy guidance for governors and the National Governors' Association complaints procedure!) and then suggested that I write a letter instead.

    I really would like to make sure that I do this correctly so there's no more room for the kind of prevaricating I've had to date, but it's proving quite hard to unpick what I need to do!
  2. montiagh

    montiagh New commenter

    Oh dear you do seem like you have been dealt a rum set of cards. To be asked to join a GB as a pg means the intention was to appoint you which might suggest that the school have had difficulty electing pgs. Did your school try electing first and failed?

    This matter has been handled in bad faith. If two complaints were received how do you know that?

    Unfortunately the cosy chat to join means by the sounds of it (I am guessing it was not in writing) very little if you were not in the end formally appointed.

    Your school should have a complaints policy (section 29 Education Act) and your school by law has to publicise it. Follow it to the letter if you wish to complain. As it sounds like a complaint about the conduct of the chair your complaint will need to go to the vice chair or clerk depending on what your policy states.

    Frankly this type of shenanigans goes on in schools and your complaint will probably not result in satisfaction.
  3. well I can only try :)

    I have an invitation in writing, but none of it was done very professionally and I wasn't inducted, and that appears to be their out - I was quite shocked when I got the letter out of the blue, as I assumed that someone else would come forward, and there'd be an election, or I'd be contacted telling me that no-one had, and what would then happen - thank god for the internet..... Letters had gone out to the parents trying to recruit, and no-one had responded so they'd decided to ask people they thought might be suitable/interested!

    All the information was 'gleaned' in telephone conversations when I've been trying to find out what was going on.

    Have put a letter together, not expecting great things, but I think they need to be challenged.

    thanks for the reply - being an almost governor is a lonely place ;-)
  4. montiagh

    montiagh New commenter

    Is there a reason why you did not apply when the pg elected position was first advertised?

    You could sabre rattle a bluffed legal challenge and see where that gets you. Frankly you should not join a GB who conduct themselves in this way. It also sounds like this is a local governing body (LGB) which usually have little power as power lies with the trustees.
  5. I had seen the first letter and was considering - had some concerns as I resigned as PTA chair a couple of years ago as I was strugging to push things forward without any support and didn't want to end up like that as a governor, but I've been told it's much more of a committee role.

    I've put in a formal grievance today about the way the situation has been handled, so will just have to see how transparent they decide to be about the process they should be following.

    I'm a bit lost on the type of body - I *think* we're maintained but members of a co-operative trust.
  6. montiagh

    montiagh New commenter

    It sounds like you are part of a Co-operative Academy trust which is the closest style of governance to a maintained school. Let us know how you went on with your grievance. Your policy should have time scales contained in it.

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