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Major reference problem

Discussion in 'Jobseekers' started by djdpod, Jun 29, 2011.

  1. I have been shortlisted for an interview next week- however I have a problem with my reference, which has been brought to my attention today by the interviewing head. My first reference is my last school, however I finished working there in 2005 and it's since had 2 changes of head. They don't have a copy of my reference anymore. I'm worried by how unprofessional this looks for me, and as if I have something to hide. But also how it's going to be a problem for future applications- they are my last employer and I have no choice but to put them down!
    Where can I go from here to sort this situation? I haven't got details of where my actual head moved onto. Would the LEA be of any use here? Is it worth me contacting my old school to ty and work out what's happened?
  2. Yes!! Get on that phone and get the deputy or someone else to write one who knew you while you were there, they should be able to tell you where the old head went.>

    It shouldn't look too bad on you, how were you to know they had moved on your not psychic just try and get it sorted and it should be ok.
  3. Another spanner in the works is that there are now no teachers left there that I worked with.

  4. Do a google search of the headteacher for any newspaper articles for them at a new school? Only other suggestion I can offer I'm afraid. If not I would ask the school if they could give you a standard reference, such and such worked here for a period of... (they should have a file on EVERY person that worked in the school for security) and all then you can do is explain the situation to the refernece hunter! Post something Dear Theo... and Theo might have some good advice for you.

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