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Main Teacher Pay Scale in Private schools

Discussion in 'Pay and conditions' started by severn45, Feb 19, 2011.

  1. Hi
    I work in a private school and would like to know if others in private schools are paid on the Teachers Main Pay Scale? My contract said I started on M1, but my increases have only kept me on M1 even though I should be further up the scale.
    I know private schools can pay structure as they wish but it would be great to hear what has happened to others in this sector.
  2. We have our own pay scale. While more generous than the state sector for less experienced teachers lower on the pay scale, and while it goes slightly higher than M6 (we have about 2 more points), when you get to the top of the scale, there is nowhere else to go unless you get a management point. ie no threshold to cross to progress further.
  3. Piranha

    Piranha Star commenter

    I'd look at your contract carefully. If it says that you are to be paid on the Teachers Main Scale, it would seem to me that you should move up the scale as if you were in the state sector. If it just says that you start at M1, then they seem to be within their rights, although it does seem unfair. Is it worth staying at the bottom of the scale to work in the private sector? Depending on your subject, you may be able to negotiate a higher starting point if you move to a state school, based on your experience.
  4. The HMC schools tend to be more generous, one example from TES jobs is paying £30,440 - £53,340 pa on the main scale in London. This is typical of many independent schools at the top end of the market. You could expect that there would be around 25 points on the scale and no threshold payments on top. Extra payments for posts of responsibility with Housemasters getting around £20k-£30k on top in boarding schools.
    However many private schools will the same as the state sector and some will pay a lot less!. The majority will offer the TPS pension scheme.
  5. In my NQT year, I was paid a straight £20k, which was about £400 more than maintained sector at the time, but then M2-M6 equalled the maintained scale.
    After M6, they had UPS - slightly lower than maintained UPS. They never gave TLRs (you were just expected to do it for the same salary...).
    If you were in management of a Key Stage, for example, you got your MPS wage plus a small extra management allowance (often not equal to even the lowest TLR).
    The work-load, length of the day and compulsory duties were much more than in maintained schools of a similar size; I think I was at the wrong independent school for pay, according to other posts on here!


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