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Magic of the brain poem

Discussion in 'Primary' started by kazbuckets, Aug 7, 2009.

  1. Hi there, I know there have been some old posts on this but does anyone have a copy of this poem that i can have a copy of please. Thank you!
  2. Hi there, I know there have been some old posts on this but does anyone have a copy of this poem that i can have a copy of please. Thank you!
  3. TweedJacket

    TweedJacket New commenter

  4. Yeah i have the book but its at school. Just wondered if anyone had a copy so i could get on with planning as i can't get into school til end of next week.
  5. The Magic of the Brain

    Such a sight I saw:
    An eight-sided kite surging up into a cloud
    Its eight tails streaming out as if they were one.
    It lifted my heart as starlight lifts the head
    Such a sight I saw.

    And such a sound I heard.
    One bird through dim winter light as the day was closing
    Poured out a song suddenly from an empty tree.
    It cleared my head as water refreshes the skin
    Such a sound I heard.

    Such a smell I smelled:
    A mixture of roses and coffee, of green leaf and warmth.
    It took me to gardens and summer and cities abroad,
    Memories of meetings as if my past friends were here
    Such a smell I smelled.

    Such a soft fur I felt.
    It wrapped me around, soothing my winter-cracked skin,
    Not gritty or stringy or sweaty but silkily warm
    As my animal slept on my lap, and we both breathed content
    Such soft fur I felt.

    Such food I tasted:
    Smooth-on-tongue-soup, and juicy crackling of meat,
    Greens like fresh fields, sweet-on-your-palate peas,
    Jellies and puddings and fragrance of fruit they are made from
    Such good food I tasted.

    Such a world comes in:
    Far world of the sky to breathe in through your nose
    Near world you feel underfoot as you walk on the land.
    Through your eyes and your ears and your mouth and your brilliant brain
    Such a world comes in.

    Jenny Joseph
  6. What a star! Thanks very much!

  7. Thanks so much - waiting for Roger McGough book to arrive. This has saved my life.
  8. does anyone have any planning , or at least some questions I can ask the pupils about this topic?

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