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Magic & Magnets

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by kate1610, Feb 16, 2012.

  1. kate1610

    kate1610 New commenter

    Hi I am going to start a magic and fantasy worlds topic after half term, in reception, and was hoping to bring loads of science experiments into it such as bubbling cauldrons etc. I have a schgool improvement officer coming to observe me ahead of our pending OFSTED (first one for me!!!) and have had some creative ideas for doing a lesson about magnets and using them as magic wands. Will this be frowned upon discussing magnets as if they were magic or should I stay clear of this link? I had planned on beginning the lesson as if I was doing a magic trick in order to get the chn hooked but then explaining to them that actually it isn't magic and they are magnets. But how do you explain magnets to 4year olds? I don't really fully understand what is happening myself and would hate to be put on the spot by a child asking why all the time while being observed. Any advice would really be appreciated! Thank you
  2. kate1610

    kate1610 New commenter

    Great thank you Eve - I am really looking forward to the lesson now!

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