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Magazines for primary school library

Discussion in 'Primary' started by florapost, Feb 11, 2011.

  1. aquila

    are horrible histories still running?
  2. Thanks for ideas - will look into these. :)
  3. My tame childrens specialist librarian says: [​IMG]
    We have to do this a lot. Get the children to suggest 2 titles each, create a spreadsheet, look at the most popular and make your decision based on what sort of subject matter you want.

    Simpsons is popular with all, usually.
    Manga is variable as it is sometimes popular, sometimes not. Often age dependent.
    Best thing to do is to get the kids favourites as more likely to be used.
    \note that some music and film mags will have phone line ads for dating, etc in the back, so always check what is in the back of mags.
    Another thing, remember that some are monthly, some weekly, so monthly costs for a weekly mag can actually come to more. Sometimes it is cheaper (for variety) to get 2 monthly mags than a weekly one that will appear 4 times.
    Also, where are you getting them from? Some newsagents ask for at least a 6 month subscription, whilst online is often a year. If it is cheaper online, it can mean it is less flexible. A 6 month contract for a mag that is unpopular means you can cancel it and move over to another title.

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