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Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by HombreIngles, Jun 2, 2008.

  1. I too can see that day, numbersix. I can hear the wistful Celtic songs warning of an impending storm in the Lavapies area; can see the Cuban smoke rings rising, warning that another overdraft limit is about to be breached and can taste the magical red syrup of the North as it slides down the throat, making those peanuts seem just a little bit more edible.

    Until that day, we'll just have to make hay while the sun shines.

    Good to hear from you again, Hansard and thanks for the kind words - it's good to be back though I feel somewhat fraudulent as I am evidently no longer overseas. I was fortunate enough to see the game in a lovely Spanish owned establishment in Kingston with some of the Spanish teachers from school. A great spread of tortilla, chorizo, jamon and manchego was washed down with...err...London Pride.

    4-1 didn't flatter Spain and at long last they have a pair of strikers who know their way around a six yard box. This really could be their year but, as a Manchester City fan, you'd expect a heavy dose of naive and ultimately foolish optimism, I suspect. My beloved City seem to have turned into Chelsea-lite and so I have fled gleefully into hgxiv's arms at AFC Wimbledon, where glamorous awaydays in Slough are now my much more wholesome staple.

    Take care and every good wish to you and yours.

  2. Hola Hombre!

    I don't know if this will reach you in time but I work at the school you have mentioned. Money is better than most other schools - good enough to live a life of sin in Madrid :D - which is one of the many reasons to move here! Kids are great, staff are great, management are no dodgier than other British schools here. I have no regrets at all about moving here - the best thing I ever did! Oh and the tax thing is rubbish! You get taxed at about 5% until January and then the same as everybody else (about 20%) but, unless you intend to live like the queen of England, more than enough to have fun with! Maybe see you in September!
  3. That is absolute rubbish not the bit about the 5% until Jan but that you can live like a king/queen on the salary after tax of 20%. Get real most teachers at that school without responsibility are on about 23,700 euros the rents in the vicinity of Tres Cantos or there abouts are about 900 euros the cost of living is rising on a regular basis as elsewhere. Look at the inflation figures. The school works teachers hard regular contact of 32 lessons out of 40 with more than regular cover to do. They hate to pay supply teachers and wont unless they have to. They dont get half term hols 16 week term from Sept to xmas with only a couple of fiesta days of, The students are ok very mediocre academically. The teachers that are there long term are the ones that bought years ago have family etc.
    If you are single dont mind sharing and dont want to travel in the hols Madrid is fantastic but dont tell me you life like a Royal there is only one person doing that and that is the owner.
  4. Mainwaring

    Mainwaring Lead commenter

    On a point of information (and as a veteran proof-reader) Post 23 DOESN'T say you can live like a king or a queen on the salary. It implies the opposite, in fact.

  5. LOVED Madrid!!! Who cares about the money! It is a fantastic place to live, for a while anyway. One memory is driving down to Toledo, visiting the cathedral there and they were playing 'Ave Maria''........... an aha moment.
  6. Hi,

    I've been offered a post at said "Royal" College north of the city, I assume all this "royal" banter is about the same place, SdV? If we're talking about the same school, could any of you who seem to have worked there give me any more information about what it's like to work there and whether I should accept the job & sign the contract?
    As I've seen on other previous posts, I'm also keen to enjoy my 2 years living fairly central, not fussed about sharing and want to live the Madrid lifestyle properly - will I be alright on the "Royal" salaries or am I in for a bit of a struggle?

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