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Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by HombreIngles, Jun 2, 2008.

  1. brownie1

    brownie1 New commenter

    I am afriad that the work life balance is no better than in the Uk in fact in some cases worse. 16 week term starting this september with only 3 fiesta day holidays, no half term holidays at all, large classes and not much money to enjoy yourself. There may not be the same level of paperwork but the teaching load is high if I am right about which school you are talking about. Rentals are going through the roof and food prices are rising the wage does not offer a good standard of living.
  2. Thanks Brownie1,

    Not much point in me going to madrid if I can't enjoy the lifestyle.

  3. brownie1

    brownie1 New commenter

    I guess i sound a little harsh it would be wrong to say that Madrid is not a great place, its just that i feel that some employers here are misleading people and living in the past in terms of wages and cost of living. There are many things that i would like to do here but simply cant afford it. I would look elswhere as i think costs are going to be rising for a while and wages are not.
    Good luck
  4. Brownie1
    Could you please give me an indication of the salary in Madrid, at the international school? Ballpark figure is good enough.
    Also if anyone knows, approximately how many of the staff are youngish (mid thirties) and how many are older :D
  5. brownie1

    brownie1 New commenter

    It depends on the school but the school I know in Madrid pays about 22000euros a year give or take a grand. This is without any deductions but if you are coming from the Uk you should get tax free for 2 years. Not a lot, unless you are prepared to share a flat rent will be between 700 and 900 euros a month half of that if you can bear to share. Age is mixed at the school I know some younger ones but I wouldnt say it was buzzing if you know what i mean.If you can give a not too obvious clue as to the school I may be able to give more I dont want to be giving you info about the wrong school.
  6. I had a fantastic time in Madrid...left a couple of years ago after 2 years dooty (needed financial renumeration for previous 2yr excesses)...mucho footy, bands, flamenco, great mates,... latenights and earlymornings are one and the same every night if u want....indeeed rents poss are slighty excess altho i did a flat share both years. ...
    I would certainly go back again.....one of the truly great cities to engage in Europe....
    was a royalist so to speak.

    be seeing you
  7. international school of madrid :D
  8. brownie1

    brownie1 New commenter

    No supposed to name the school but hey. I think about 22000e a year no help with accom costs quite full timetable but i dont know about young staff and the fun or not.
    If you can manage on the money and are prepared to work hard at school and enjoy the free time i am sure you could have a good time in Madrid.
  9. Before this thread disappears.....

    brownie: 'if you are coming from the Uk you should get tax free for 2 years'

    did you?

    I've never heard of that before. The first few months are taxed at a single figure rate because Spain's tax year runs jan to dec and the first few thousand euros per financial year are non-taxable (as in the UK?).

    2 years tax free sounds like the US - so long as you leave after 2 years. But in Spain?
  10. Same financial deal ..hence 3rd year departure due to... salary changes/tax/14month payment and increase in responsibility in order to procure the same salary. Ones financial squirrel hole couldn't bear the burden..hopefully a few years from now a possible reconvening with dearest watering holes/mateskis can be realised.
  11. brownie1

    brownie1 New commenter

    some Madrid schools employ teachers on a british contract as they also own a school in the uk the staff are seen as been seconded to the madrid school and they def do not pay tax for two years. Not all schools, and you have to have been in the uk for a period of time prior to coming to madrid to get this deal.

  12. I understand - its a Royal thing - a method of being Fried as it were - but not common practice throughout Spain.
  13. brownie1

    brownie1 New commenter

    Thats the one Flippant dont rate the place myself.
  14. ah brownie1. You must indeed be a tappen.. Quite rated the place myself, all Frying aside..some jolly good chaps, teaching and entertainment..
  15. hgxiv

    hgxiv New commenter

    I agree with you about the entertainment value, numbersix! I've dined out for two years on tales of incredulous mismanagement...not from within my own department of course...


  16. Who can work in the court of the Royals and not be - emotionally if not fiscally - enriched by the experience?

    Some great mates, some clinically fascinating case studies and frequently hilarious management combined potently to produce an establishment which, on occasion, seemed to run almost entirely on Pacharan.

    I was Rogered for 7 years and walked away without so much as a troublesome limp, carrying a credit card debt the size of Saskatchewan, nothing in the pension pot but enough memories of good people met along the way to last a lifetime and, of course, one wonderful reason to never regret boarding that plane to Madrid.

  17. You two may have escaped at a good time...

    Everything is shooting up in price. Petrol goes up daily. It is disguised a bit by the euro's (surprising) success against the pound, but recruitment remains a real issue.

    From where you guys are you might consider dipping into the property market over here. The black money seems to be drying up and it is a relatively good moment to buy....but not if you live IN Spain earning a typical Spanish wage, in which case buying property is not even up for discussion (ask a Spaniard).
  18. ah one will never forget the internationally negotiable peanuts, Fried or otherwise, a paltry diet for those seeking to buy up the rest of the world...for sure I forsee a convening, nay a reconvening in the near mythical Gago bar to er, tie (red one) up loose ends one day.... ones daughter and wife have yet to hear the tales!
  19. Good to see Simpkins & hgxiv back in the fray again. Many happy memories of both, who are excellent examples of the quality of teachers that can be found in major schools in Spain. Sounds like flattery but true nonetheless. I hope they both watched the match tonight - 4-1 win can't be bad ! Almost as good as Wimbledon FC (hgxiv will understand that!). Very best wishes to both.

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