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Made Redundant

Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by WorldTeacher60, Jul 16, 2020.

  1. Interista

    Interista New commenter

    The last two years in my current school have seen staff emailed about a meeting with the Head and in that meeting they've been let go.
    There were various reasons offered but none really stood up. The HR manager even told one of the sacked that it was illegal resulting in a big payout.
    Sadly it seems to be the way some schools operate. It has happened to me but never on the last day. I was so angry at them for doing it, but I was told in December I wouldn't get a new contract which I guess at least showed they trusted me to be professional for the rest of the year and it gave me time to find new posts, which I did comfortably.
    This last day sacking is just cruel. It was made more cruel by one person having another meeting before the sacking where his role in the school was discussed for next year by another member of SLT.
  2. bulegila

    bulegila New commenter

    I have also been made redundant from an international school in Indonesia. I was told via zoom 2 days before school finished for the term!The school tried to do it without any pay out! Thankfully I speak Indonesian fluently and got legal advice. They are now giving me 3 months payout and keep the housing and Insurance till the end of the year. They knew I realised I could take them to manpower and get the whole contract paid out if they didn't agree. Hopefully as I am still in the country when schools reopen face to face again I will be in a good position for a job when teachers don't come back.
  3. HeroForTheDay

    HeroForTheDay Occasional commenter

    can we have a Cryptic clue on which one this is?

    Seems the Intercultural school has been hit with another scandal recently with one of the teachers murdered by her husband. I wonder if some of the property moguls are desperate for the land are exploiting this for their own benefits
  4. february31st

    february31st Established commenter

    @bulegila, sorry for the situation you found yourself in, but by the sound of it you have handled the situation to your advantage.

    Can I ask you to post the details of how you took legal action and spread it around the teaching community in Indonesia. Many teachers could be in the same situation as you and taking the steps you did may help them financially.

    I have found that by circulating the process of taking legal action in Shanghai against unscrupulous schools it has modified their bully boy attitudes. Once it becomes public knowledge on how to take a case to the Labour Bureau some schools have definitely become ”nicer” in the way they deal with staff and may even be following Chinese Labour Law, shock horror.
  5. makhnovite

    makhnovite Established commenter

    'Most international contracts wouldn't stand up in a cup of water'

    Whilst this is often true it is good to see the posters above making a stand and getting a result. It does as always depend on your circumstances and the availability and reliability of legal help, as well as of course a decent amount of cussedness, but your experiences show it can be worth a shot - well done, and good luck!!
  6. gulfgolf

    gulfgolf Established commenter

    I would posit that "a decent amount of cussedness" is required for seeking legal redress in our home countries as well.
  7. february31st

    february31st Established commenter

    In the UK as a teacher I would be a member of a union who would be supplying my lawyer and funding the legal action against a school who where in material breach of contract. It is true that it can be complicated and time consuming but it is extremely unlikely your school will brake a contract in the last week of the school year knowing the prospects of legal action will follow.

    Unlike some countries the UK legal system is void of corruption and it is unlikely that the school owner and the judge are cousins.

    I know we are in the realm of “conditions beyond our control” but due legal proceedings have to be used to make teachers redundant.
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