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MA proposal: teacher professional identity

Discussion in 'Further Education' started by The Pobble, May 15, 2011.

  1. That'll be a huge job even if you only ever look at one sector - take sport!
    Everyone who comes from industry could have a specific sport's NGB qualification/registration - often more than one per sport and that's just coaching! Then you'll have the exercise experts, and REPS possibly, or some providers have their own register - most supply registration CPD and insurance.
    THEN you'll have the outdoor ed stuff - lots there, at least one per activity.
    Then there's all the non NGB providers for coaching, leadership etc etc.
    As for number of subjects - who knows?? The number is likely to be enormous - chocolate making to aeronautics, physics to lace making!
    You can't afford to ignore the 'school' subjects as many FE lectruers in such subjects are, like me, FE certified, latecomers - I teach PE and psychology and could belong to 3 or 4 professional bodies for each!
  2. It sounds very interesting although I'm inclined to agree with Po that it could be a lot of work.
    In terms of how 'proper' FE teachers retain their professional identity... I was talking with a colleague at work only on Thursday about a similar thing. The up-shot of out discussion was that it was almost impossible to retain/develop in vocational skills whilst working full time and that much of the delivery of, say, BTEC quals was about the academic levels those qualifications need to show under QCF. Therefore I think it's very difficult for a FT teacher to retain industry credibility.
    Frankly, if colleges don't pay 'proper' teachers the same pay as their academic counterparts then their professional identity, as seen by senior management, is already undermined. I have a direct counterpart who gets paid much, much less than me for doing exactly the same job purely because she hasn't got a degree.
    I've done a quick tot-up of subject we teach at my college at it exceeds 100. That also includes the HE provision.
    If I come across any information I think you might find useful, I'll let you know.
    Good luck[​IMG]
  3. Cheffy

    Well done for identifying a credible study. All study is difficult for full-time teachers, which the two posters have pointed out. However, for an MA study, you could produce a reasonable case. A case study approach would satisfy some understanding of your topic, but the findings would be restricted in terms of generalisations. However, case studies done well can present the world in a grain of sand.

    On the plus side, there is very little practitioner research, which is viewed from a 'shop floor' perspective. Thus, your chosen topic would be interesting to say the least. You may also think of extending this idea to a comparative study, of say professionalism in France or Germany for vocational teachers.

    I have pm'd you, so I may be able to share some of my experience with researching this area. I think this is a good time to study, given the economic climate - so good luck!

    A good starting point is this book

  4. Research has been undertaken on the concept of professionalism in FE - you might like to look at the paper "Who do you think you are? at: http://www.inter-disciplinary.net/publishing-files/idp/eBooks/ptbohe%201.6.pdf
    There is an interesting comparison of FE vocational lecturers and FE SA Level lecturers. Having lectured on Inital Teacher Training in FE to both FE lecturers across a variety of subjects plus other professionals such as PGCE/PG Cert for police, paramedics and others there are some interesting differences.
    How they undertake CPD is also different.

  5. Wow

    That's really helpful people - thanks so much.

    I'll give it further thought and report back.
  6. In order to keep my subject knowledge up to date I have decided that I am going to gain employment back in my industry and teach ah hoc. I still need to get my QTLS awww

    As jobs in FE are rare as hens teeth I think this is the way to go.

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