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MA for Media Teachers....

Discussion in 'Media studies' started by jwardle, Dec 16, 2011.

  1. The MA Creative and Media Education is the only MA in the UK
    designed specifically to meet the needs of working creative and media teachers
    looking to improve their subject understanding and their pedagogic practice.
    The course is based at Bournemouth University the biggest Media School in the
    country. The course takes 18 months to complete and all the projects enable you
    to develop materials and ideas directly useful in your teaching practice.

    You attend Bournemouth 4 times (for 3 days each time) and
    the rest is delivered online. We put you up in a hotel for the four
    residentials! The course is taught be a mix of media professionals and
    academics - including Prof Stephen Heppell, Prof Anthony Lilley, Dr Richard
    Berger, Dr Jenny Moon, Dr Julian McDougall, Pete Fraser etc

    The next start date of the course is May 2012 (then it will
    be May 2013)...so don't delay!

    To find out more see:


    We also have two Scholarships available this year!

    Any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us on 01202
    965646 or info@cemp.ac.uk
  2. Usually its within term time. Its always a Thursday, Friday, Saturday (so you only need two days out of School - so 8 days over 18months). If you email info@cemp.ac.uk - they can send you the calendar for 2012 entry. We fix the dates two years in advance!
  3. Another reminder about this....if you are keen to do an MA which is related to both your subject interest and your teaching. This is the MA!
  4. We have made a new video about the course!
    Check out
    Any questions feel free to email me at jwardle@bournemouth.ac.uk
  5. As a current student on the course (not one featured on the video!!!) I would like add my recommendation to anyone considering this course. The lecturers/tutors are readily available on the forum (I leave a question on the forum when I go to bed and it is usually answered by the time I get up in the morning). The forum itself is an amazing environment where your peers from around the world offer support and suggestions whilst at the same time asking their own questions or maybe just socialising (we've people from Canada, Dom. Republic, Hong Kong and Brazil as well as all over the UK). The work you do is real and relevant to YOUR classroom wherever it might be and at whatever level you might be teaching. Each of the first four units start with a three day residential school at Bournemouth, during these residentials you are introduced to the topic and provided with teaching sessions that support the topic and get you thinking about what you are going to work on for your project. This is my fourth experience with a university and it has been by far the best and most rewarding. To anyone considering applying, feel free to drop me a PM with any questions or don't hesitate to contact Jon Wardle or any of the uni staff, they're all really easy to talk to and don't bite at all...
    This was NOT a paid annoucement... it was posted because I believe what I have written [​IMG]

  6. There is a scholarship offered this year if you can find the time, give them a call to discuss your situation....

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