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M6 - will any one be able to employ me again?

Discussion in 'Jobseekers' started by ceh54, Jun 21, 2011.

  1. For the third time in 2 years I find myself job hunting, and yet again I find myself up against NQT's and M1's. Interviews seem to end up the same: good answers, good lesson but we are not going to offer you the job. With all the budget cuts schools are experiencing I am not too surprised but when will this problem stop? Are we going to end up in a situation where all but SMT are new-ish to the profession and life ends once you have been teaching for over 4 years? I am at a loss as to what to do. I am not in an area where there are too many tricky schools where less people want to apply for jobs and although I will wage war on the battle to find supply work there seems very little of it around here and most is covered by 'in house staff'. Sorry, this has turned into a rant, but really I just need some words of encouragement that M6 does not spell the end of my career.
  2. TheoGriff

    TheoGriff Star commenter

    <h3> </h3>Dear Theo, got a job! (i'll be MSP 6)


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  3. I think things are difficult for everyone at the moment. Interestingly when I was an NQT last year, the permenant post at the school went to the more experienced teacher (M5) and when the head gave myself and the other NQT who got the other mat cover post feedback, she said there would perhaps have been something wrong if the more experienced teacher had not performed better than the NQTs.
    I have also heard friends who have still to complete their NQT year moaning they can't get a post because they always go to the more experienced person, so I think because so many people are chasing each job you will probably find examples of this on each side.
    I have visted a couple of schools during the application process and got the impression they were looking for NQTs straight out college, not so much because they are cheap but so they can have someone to mold and maybe try and keep for a longer period of time. As someone finishing my NQT year this year, and a mature entrant, I lost out to them - at one school they only interviewed <u>young</u> NQTs and they had all come off the BEd programme! (so no GPs or PGCE students either). The school obviously had a clear idea what they wanted and some of us didn't fit - doesn't seem fair but I guess that's the way it is, especially in the current environment - schools can affiord to be exeptionally picky.
    All I am trying to say (very badly) is that I think everyone feels like this at some point that they have lost out to experience or inexperience. We wouldn't be putting ourselves forward if we didn't think we were the best person for the job and that does involve some personal investment so we then have to rationalise it to ourselves somehow :-( It is tough out there but stick at it :)
  4. I sympathise completely. Not much help to you but after 3 years of supply and applying for lots of jobs (around 200 I guess) I still can't get a permanent job. I've tried so hard and spent hours on my letter/applications. I too am an experienced teacher (UPS 2). Feel like I'll never get one and quite despondent about future prospects.It is tough out there but I hope something turns up for you.
  5. Can I congratulate you for being MPS6 and managing to get an interview? I can't even do that! I know it's not down to my letter, I've asked for feedback more times than sense, and now spend literally hours every day making sure my applications are the best they can be! Visiting schools, personalising applications, writing executive summaries I don't know what else to do!
  6. Teacher2004

    Teacher2004 New commenter

    I, too, am on MPS 6 and have struggled for 3 years to get a perm job. I think its very difficult in the current economic climate and the schools who will employ more experienced teachers are very few and far between. I have been up against NQTs who have got the job, and then heard through the grapevine that it has n't worked out and they are on the long term sick on stress because they could n't cope. Of course there are many NQTs will do a wonderful job, but if the school had employed someone with more experience it may not have happenned. I think you just have to keep plodding on, in the hope that someone will eventually value experience and employ someone on a higher pay scale. My only hope now is that I get a job with some responsibility attached, so I won't be up against the NQTs and may possibly be the cheaper option!!!
  7. lighthouse_keeper

    lighthouse_keeper New commenter

    I am M6 currently and I have managed to secure a job for September. I think in quite a few cases the cheaper option can be attractive...but when I got my job, I was up against a PGCE student, so hopefully that is lightly more encouraging for you. I think on that occasion, the school was looking for experience, and was willing to pay for it. In the post interview "chat," the head mentioned that it was going to be good not to have to "worry" about me in terms of behaviour management etc etc.
    I totally sympathise with this:
    In my current school, so many of the staff appointed over the past few years have been NQTs...very few have been expensive, experienced teachers. I have nothing at all against newer teachers as they have lots of ideas and enthusiasm! But sometimes I look around the staffroom and think "who can I go to who's got a lot of experience"....and there aren't many to choose from! And we also have a lot of people who are asked to take on a range of subjects which aren't their specialism, rather than appointing an extra teacher who is a specialist....surely this is diluting the quality of teaching for the kids...
    Well, this is in danger of turning into a rant! But I just wanted to offer some "hope" in the shape of being an M6 teacher who's managed to get a job! I do hope that all the experienced teachers who are looking manage to find schools who want to pay for experience....as I think Theo mentioned the other day, there's a goldmine of great experience there, if only schools can see it!
    Best of luck with it all.
  8. Thank you for your replies, it is nice to hear other peoples experiences. I have another interview today (only a temp contract, possibly 2 part times split between 2 key stages but something is better than nothing). Fingers crossed for my experience this time!
  9. Fingers crossed x
  10. Yes they will! I am changing jobs in september and im the first point on UPS! I think experience is valued more in some areas than others, but keep going!!!
  11. There is hope...don't give up! I'm on M6 too. Only ever worked at my current school and felt the need for a change. Applied for 3 jobs, got interviews for 2, came 2nd in one and got the other! Gone from a permanent job to a temporary one (which might seem mad) but needed to be done!
    Good luck with your interview! x
  12. Lara mfl 05

    Lara mfl 05 Star commenter

    The problem for many of us M6 people is' that we're not currently in post, either through relocation or stopping to have a family. If you're employed and want to move on at M6 I agree that is easier.

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