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Discussion in 'Pay and conditions' started by CCEnglish12, Oct 3, 2015.

  1. CCEnglish12

    CCEnglish12 New commenter

    I completed my nqt at my school on December 2014 after completing an extension period due to illness. I was told I would be moved to M2 but it would take a few months to come into effect but I would receive back pay. I still haven't been moved to M2 and school are now telling me I will only get back pay for this September despite me doing additional teaching hours from January to July in accordance with completing my NQT year. My union have said otherwise. Any ideas? I'm really upset by the whole situation and being told different things. Thanks in advance.
  2. frustum

    frustum Star commenter

    Policy on moving to M2 now rests with the individual school. However it never used to be tied to completion of NQT and the loss of NQT non-contact time. On the standard rules that used to be used, progression only took place in September, so somebody who completed their first year of teaching mid-year would have to wait until the next September to move up the scale. Conversely, a part-time NQT starting in September could move to M2 the next September despite still being an NQT.

    Have a look at your school's pay policy - that's really the only way to check if your school is keeping its own rules.

    If they've kept the "progression only happens in September" rule, then they may well have kept to the policy. The other question is whether you should have moved up last September, before completing NQT. Check to see if the school has added in a requirement to pass NQT before moving to M2, and if not, check whether there is a "subject to satisfactory performance" clause for moving up at all (there used to be in the national policy) - the need for an extension period would probably cover that.

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