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M R on Kaye Adams show

Discussion in 'Scotland - education news' started by gnulinux, Feb 23, 2012.

  1. gnulinux

    gnulinux Occasional commenter

    M R's line was obviously well rehearsed - it's (CfE) all on track and everybody is behind it. Those teachers that are having 'problems' with CfE can be given 'support' - no doubt a strong 'talking to' by the EdScotPo. Flanagan for the EIS argued for a years' delay - presumably to make up teaching materials etc. for the new courses, which otherwise will not be provided. One caller was a geography teacher who wished to remain anonymous and was clearly not happy with CfE. M R seemed a bit too keen to find out who she was so that she too could be 'helped'. Basically his performance was of the 'cut and run' variety and, other than the sound of his own rather irritating voice, was not interested in what anyone else had to say.

    The majority of the callers seemed to be behind teachers in their significant concerns over CfE - and there were one or 2 odd-balls of course.

    Seonag McKinnon (BBC) summed up the situation well - describing the documentation that comes with CfE as 'verbiage'. There is (confusingly) everything in the documentation other than what teachers actually need to do their job, i.e. the teaching and assessment materials. The assumption seems to be that teachers will knock that stuff up (in their spare time and of course free of charge) while running and maintaining all the old courses. M R seemed to suggest that such material is already there - teachers just have not been able to find it duh!
  2. catmother

    catmother Star commenter

    He makes the word "help" sound rather terrifying!
    I have a vision of being taken away and dragged through my school on my way to be "helped".
  3. Is he seriously looking at the NAR and seeing robust assessment methods and useful course materials?
  4. That, I believe, was me. It's one of a number of words which appear to have been given a new meaning or usage, seldom, in my experience, a good thing:

    "support" means "disciplinary measures"
    "evidence" has become a verb ("you need to evidence the outcomes")
    "experience" means you were present when something happened, regardless of what you got from it
    "outcome" means... well, I don't actually know what it means in this context
    "picture" (as in "picture of a secure third level pupil") means not a picture
    "assessment" means "evidencing" that someone has done something (not how well they have done it)

    One third level English E and O states something like "I can evaluate a text"; the fourth level E and O states "I can evaluate the effectiveness of a text"; however, "evaluate" means "show how effective something is". So, in essence, the fourth level E and O is "I can show how effective the effectiveness of a text is". Simple, really. I would like a picture of those who have failed to evidence what the outcomes are, so that I could offer them some heavy support.
  5. And that nicely "evidences" what we've been doing for 7 years - fannying about trying desperately to decode what the hell the Outcomes mean.
  6. I wonder if I could get some of my brighter pupils to evaluate the effectiveness of the green folder for this project thingy (sorry, value added unit). Do you think the bods at the SQA have a sense of humour?
  7. Dominie

    Dominie New commenter

    That would be the lone voice because the SSTA rep was booted off last year for being consistently critical of many aspects of CfE. If anything, the new EIS General Secvretary has been far too uncritical of some huge flaws in CfE. For example, he refused to support the SSTA rep's move (before being given the boot) to try to get the Management Board to change its position re National 4 being totally internally assessed.
  8. No.
  9. Hear hear!! [​IMG]
  10. He clearly doesn't look at anything. His mandarins do that for him. They tell him what to say and he says it.
  11. Surely it would be more interesting to mark than yet another Macbeth essay!
  12. Effinbankers

    Effinbankers Lead commenter

    To be fair to the SQA (and I don't normally say this) they have voiced concerns about Nat 4 being totally internal assessed and the ambiguity of the "project/assignment" in Nat 5, but they have been told that pupils should be assessed using something else other than an exam as a controlled assessment. However nobody can think of anything apart from folio pieces and we all know how popular they are
    The decisions are 100% political. It has been said before numerous times - this is a massive train crash waiting to happen and Mr Russell is intent on putting his foot on the accelerator before the tracks have been laid.
    Most teachers are totally scunnered, few will consider another strike day for our pensions.
    But I would gladly strike against CFE. It's appalling.
  13. GuessWho

    GuessWho Occasional commenter

    Slightly OT (and not wanting to hijack this thread) but re. not striking for pensions......
    The amount I lost due to the November strike matches the proposed increase in monthly pension payments.
    As I understand it we can't strike over CfE or new Nationals because they are deemed to be part of our contract......we could try a "work to rule" (in terms of a 35 hour week )and ask what we should stop doing in order to implement the new courses and internal assessments and new school produced materials and reproduction and new forms of reporting and recording and ....and....and.....and!!!!!!.
  14. Indeed. And given that a lot of what we have to do now was payback for the supposedly generous pay settlement emanating from McCrone, and that the settlement is now being withdrawn from us through the pay freeze, perhaps we should start to withdraw from all the extra stuff. Listening today to the justification for RBS giving bonuses to its investment bankers- if they don't pay the money, they won't get the people. Fair enough. You get what you pay for. Let's apply that to our situation. You pay less, you get less.
  15. gnulinux

    gnulinux Occasional commenter

    The problem with RBS is that they continue to make horrendous losses but still want the bonuses. You have got to hand it to them they have 'brass neck' in spades. These are the very (best??) people that nearly bankrupted the entire economy. Teachers are just far too honest by comparison. It has to be remembered that Fred Goodwin led RBS and the economy to the brink of disaster. I wonder if M Russell realises that he might take the Scottish Education System to the brink over CfE???
  16. RBS losses at the moment are because they are selling off unprofitable bits at a loss in order to have a profitable core business at the end of it. They didn't expect quite such big losses but losses were part of the plan. The retail bit made a profit, I believe.
  17. Dominie

    Dominie New commenter

    Sorted it for you. I know some primary colleagues (such as Canuckgrrl of this parish) have concerns about CfE but the issues at the moment are all about implementation in secondary as we approach the exam diet in 2014.

    Issues such as ...

    Curriculum breadth. Will pupils be able to access 5 Nationals in S4 or more?
    Reliability of assessment outcomes. I have yet to see an assessment on the NAR which I could use to reliably assess pupil learning.
    Lack of information about National courses and how they will be assessed.
    Preparation of lessons for and internal assessment of the above.
    and finally
    workload related to all the above.
  18. Exactly. I actually feel like we are striking over the wrong issue. We should be striking over the farce that is CfE and the related impact on our workload as well as pensions.
  19. After so much jumping up and down in primary on this issue, I have to admit it's rather gratifying to see the CfE ***** finally hitting the fan for secondary as well.
  20. Just sent MR an email for all the good it will do me! I was just so raging with his comment about wanting to 'support all teachers'. I emailed and asked what he was going to do about the crisis in getting supply teachers. The fact we can't get cover in our dept means we are flat out trying to just cover timetables never mind creating, resourcing and delivering 'new' 'fun' 'interactive' 'collaborative' CfE courses!
    Let's see what sort of flanneling guff I get back from one of his lackeys!

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