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Lunctime science club ideas that work in 45mins with an SEN group??

Discussion in 'Science' started by BirdBath, Jun 24, 2012.

  1. Help!
    Usually by now I'm sorted with an idea for my Tuesday session at a special needs school. I teach secondary science but do this once a week. I've had the same group (high ability yr 7/8 boys 8 in group) for quite a while and I've sort of run out of steam and ideas. We've done rockets, slime, balloon cars, marshmallow towers, straw mazes, air pressure (ping pongs and hairdriers), optical illusions, parachutes, hydrogel and I think one or two more. Can you tell I'm not a biologist!??! Anyway, It needs to be hands on and they like coming away with something at the end of it.
    I'd really appreciate any ideas that don't need a huge amount of prep.
  2. Hovercraft races with cds/balloons and corks? Quick and easy to make!
  3. On the biology front, if you can work somewhere food-friendly, you could make cells out of sweets, or cell pizzas, or just models. You could get them to be creative about showing specialised cells in different ways - eg. a white blood cell with big teeth so it can "eat" bad bacteria or viruses!
    Since you don't have that long it might be easier to give them pictures of an animal cell and a plant cell and let them figure out how they can make different parts from food/junk.
    Just thought - if you have some old takeaway tupperware containers they can work in for the sweets one, you could make up some cheap sugarfree jelly and pour it on for the cytoplasm - that could be fun!
    Good luck sorting something.

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