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lunchtime prayers? can anyone recommend some?

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by LucyD84, Jul 5, 2009.

  1. Please post any lunchtime prayers that you know of [​IMG] (suitable for Year 1 and ideally not too religous)

    Thank you!
  2. cinderella1

    cinderella1 New commenter

    surely if your thanking a god whateva god this is then it is going to be religious, whats not to religious??? Have you thought of making your own little poem prayers with the children?
    Try searching or gogling
  3. JO9832

    JO9832 New commenter

    How about this one
    Bless this bunch
    As they munch their lunch
  4. This may sound utterly ridiculous but really, it's short and sweet and the children will love it and remember it. It's to the tune of the chorus of 'Tie me kangeroo down sport'. Good old Rolf would be proud, no wobble board needed;
    Thanks again for our food Lord, (Tie me kangeroo down sport)
    Thanks again and again, (Tie me kangeroo down)
    Thanks again for our food Lord, (Tie me kangeroo down sport)
    Thanks again and Amen! (Tie me kangeroo down)
  5. Msz

    Msz Established commenter

    Let us pause before we eat
    and think about the ones in need
    of food and shelter and of love,
    please bless us all dear God above.

    For all we eat, and all we wear,
    For daily bread, and nightly care,
    we thank thee

  6. Just want people to think a moment about this- if you are not a faith school then should we have worship in Foundation Stage.
    Grace is a form of active worship.
    You make the assumption that all families will have a faith of some sort and that really is not the case.
  7. I realise the op was talking about Yr 1 class.
    However, this is a bit of an old chestnut of mine- should we have any form of worship in F.S. setting that is not a faith based setting?
    I am talking about worship not an understanding of other cultures.
  8. Rub a dub dub
    Thanks for our grub
  9. Thank you for the world so sweet.
    Thank you for the food we eat.
    Thank you for the birds that sing.
    Thank you god for everything .
  10. I'm afraid I would've been very fed up if my kids had been indoctrinated with this claptrap. If I'd wanted them to be brought up in a religious context I would've sent them to a faith school.
  11. Ibuzzybea

    Ibuzzybea Occasional commenter

    I agree with others if you don't want it "religious" why say a prayer? But any how.
    To the tune of Thank you lord for this fine day.Thank you for giving us food,Thank you lord for giving us drink, Thank you lord for every thing, everything today. (You can remove the word Lord and it still works)To the tune of the Adams family.We thank the Lord for givingThe food we need for livingFor fun, for food, for friendship,We thank the Lord Amen. Da da da da (snap, snap) Da da da da (snap, snap) Da da da da, Da da da da (snap, snap)
    Coca Cola Grace
    ("I'd Like To Teach...")
    I'd like to thank the Lord above
    For giving me this land.
    For apple trees and honey bees
    The harvest and my home.
    To Him I must give thanks today
    For all the things to come.
    For health and strength and happiness
    Be thankful everyone.
  12. We also do one to the Adams Family with slightly different words (might pinch the one above though) With the Da da da da's and clicking'
    Oh Lord we are so grateful, for every cup and plateful, Oh Lord we are so grateful for everything in life. da da da da etc.
  13. Oh and another one to the tune of agadoo. "Agadoo, do, do, thank you Jesus for our food, (x2) Praise him left, praise him right every day and every night. Agadoo do do thank you Jesus for our food". And I am at a faith school in case i panic anyone out there!! :)
  14. I am genuinely struggling with the idea of explicitly thanking God/Jesus/the Lord for stuff if you are not in a faith school.
  15. Honeysuckle - I am with you! I do teach in a faith school so prayers/grace etc are a normal part of my pupils' lives. But if I was not in a faith (CofE) school it would seem odd - the whole point of grace/prayer is to thank God...so if your school is not a faith one....why are you thanking/praising to something/one that the children and parents do not believe in?

  16. inky

    inky Lead commenter

    I agree, though I too teach in a faith school and am happy with the graces we say.
    The nursery have a lovely prayer:
    Before we eat our food
    We'd like to stop and say
    Thank you God
    Thank you for this nice food today.
  17. Until recently (last week in fact) we were expected to do a lunchtime prayer before lunch (we did one already mentioned on here), it was a whole school thing, and I have to say I had issues with that given that we are not a faith school. However, we have now been told that the new RE scemee we will be following from September says that you cannot expect children to worship in a particular way, including Christianity!! We mentioned the lunchtime prayer as many of us had issues with it anyway, and we are now allowed not to do it (although my children have got so used to it they have asked me to keep doing it, and these are reception children). I will not be expecting my next cohort of children to do this!
  18. I didn't realise that this post was going to give rise to so many issues! [​IMG] When i said i wanted a prayer that wasn't overly religious...all i meant was that i would prefer it not to have numerous references to God (a God from any faith!) I only use the word "prayer" so that you all knew what sort of thing i meant! If you prefer a different phrasing...how about:
    lunchtime poem/song!!??
    I'm not trying to force religion on my class, i simply want them to have a time of reflection to encourage them to give thanks for the food they are about to eat. There is nothing religious in that, i just want them to begin to recognise that not everyone in the world is as lucky as them and that it's nice to be thankful! (I seem to have many children in my class who lack respect for items in our classroom, simply becuase they are so materialistic! If they break something at home...it gets replaced immediately and the problem is solved! which is resulting in lots of children who don't alays recgonise the need to be thankful for the many things they do have which other people dont!) I simply want them to think about being thankful for the food they are eating!) Im not trying to force them to pray to God in a non faith school!!!

    So to rephrase ....can you please continue your suggestions for lunchtime songs/poems to encourage the children to give thanks for their food!

    And many thanks for the suggestions made so far, much appreciated! [​IMG]
  19. Spoken not sung - and pointing to relevant body parts...
    "Two little eyes to look around, Two little ears to hear each sound,
    One little nose to smell what's sweet, one little mouth that loves to eat
    Thank - you - God" Last line is slower rhythm so it scans

    At my niece's non-faith school nursery they say "you - may - start" !!!

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