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Lunch time behaviour..

Discussion in 'Primary' started by pinkflipflop, Feb 11, 2011.

  1. SMT. They have a lunch duty rota.
  2. Each lunchtime, one of the senior leadership staff sit in one of the classrooms that leads out onto the playground. Any 'serious' issues can then be brought straight to them from the playground. From this room, they can then sit with children who have to 'reflect' on their behaviour (or those who have a lunchtime detention).
    There's also a book they use to record all the names of the children that come to them so they monitor the frequent 'offenders'.
    On a less serious level, each midday supervisor has their own notebook in which they record any incidents or concerns they have. These books are then read by the senior midday supervisor each day and passed onto the head if there's any notable concerns.
  3. Interesting, thanks.
    At the moment, we are operating 'zero tolerance', and EVERY member of staff is involved, a rota for staff is set up, for those children who need to be kept in to 'reflect', staff are monitoring the dining room, toilets and corridoors, and supervisors are also involved .
  4. minnieminx

    minnieminx New commenter

    Goodness sounds serious...

    We just have a member of SMT each playground as a 'presence' and then dinner staff. Other staff either turn a blind eye to everything or like me intervene (interfere?) as and when.

    Class teacher might let their class stay in the room, unsupervised if upper KS2, supervised if not. But on the understanding the classteacher is responsible should anything happen.

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