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lumbar dissectomy advice

Discussion in 'Health and wellbeing' started by scarygarey, Feb 3, 2016.

  1. scarygarey

    scarygarey New commenter

    I've been off since Christmas with a bad back and sciatica. the MRI reveals a herniated disc that is too bad to be alleviated by physio, injections etc. surgery is the only option so am waiting for more dates and referrals. how long does it take from having the surgery to being able to stand up on front of class all day please?
  2. piglet171

    piglet171 New commenter

    Hi there,
    I was wondering how you are getting on. I hope you are now in a better state. My daughter needs the same operation but she has a job which requires lots of bending.
  3. hhhh

    hhhh Star commenter

    Could the school make adjustments for you, eg phased return, more chance to rest? The type of place you work in might affect the answer.

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