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Lullaby ideas

Discussion in 'Parenting' started by ellesabe, Dec 14, 2010.

  1. My daughter loves the sound of my voice and it really helps to settle her at night but I'm sick of singing the same songs over and over. I thought it might be a nice idea to share some tried and tested song/lullaby ideas.
  2. The only thing I can do is twinkle twinkle little star but she seems to like it! I don't think that repetition is neccesarily a bad thing, I'm hoping that she's getting a good sleep association between the song and going to bed. That's my excuse for my limited repetoire and I'm sticking to it!
  3. Rock a bye baby! I agree with wormburger- we had a cd of lullabies when we implemented her bedtime routine at about 10 weeks (went with her all the way) and I'm sure she began to associate the songs with going to bed/sleep. She even stops grumbling now when I start to sing the songs from the cd, although we don't use it any more.
  4. lucchese

    lucchese New commenter

    For weeks I had a lullaby repertoire of London Bridge is Falling Down (lots of verses), Twinkle Twinkle and then Daisy Daisy (in that order). I got so sick of them, particularly as we had a few nights when LO wouldn't settle for ages, so as soon as December came I started on the carols (Away in a Manger he particularly loves). Singing to LO has been my saviour....never really worked with CDs.
  5. Check out this album by Renee & Jeremy. It's a lovely, alternative to traditional lullabies which I've had since LO was born & still listen to now. They are easy to sing too! It's wonderful to curl up with LO on the sofa with and great for bedtime too.
    I sing Powder Blue and Miracle to my LO - they are very soothing and calming (for both of us).
  6. Ah the link didn't work.... The album is called It's a Big World.
  7. learningyoghurt

    learningyoghurt New commenter

    Personally, having racked my brains for lullabies and finding that I can only remember two, and then only half of the words for each, I've resorted to the theme tunes from 80s children's TV shows.
    After only a little bit of research on youtube, I now have a repertoire that includes the Raggydolls, Henry's Cat, Bodger and Badger, the Family Ness, Dogtanian and the Three Muskehounds, 80 Days Around The World With ***** Fog, Defenders of the Earth and Inspector Gadget (easy lyrics).
  8. MrsDetermined

    MrsDetermined New commenter

    Learning yogurt- that's so funny- your LO will appreciate the classics!
    In the beginning I used to alternate between amazing grace and adelweis (sp?) but now I just make up songs to tunes I know, after all little one doesn't understand the words yet. Plus it doesn't matter if I get the lyrics wrong!
  9. i got an album of nursery rhymes off itunes (by the singalong band) and the songs at the end are lullabies. The Skye boat song, hey diddle diddle, the moon is gently rising, pussycat pussycat, twinkle twinkle and my favourite Hush lIttle Baby. When I sing hush little baby I always get the verses mixed up though, and end up singing "and if that diamond ring won;t shine, mama's going to buy you a bottle of wine". Maybe not the message I want to give my baby!

    Love the sound of the pop song lullabies!
  10. LOL- well that would certainly work to get them to sleep!!
  11. Edelweis was a fav of ours too! Somewhere over the rainbow? When you wish upon a star, too - I got the idea for that from an wind up music box someone gave her. I like away in the manger at the moment. My problem was remembering the proper words and not the football chants. London bridge always turns into ... we hate scousers! (I don't btw!)
    Funny how singing to your baby isn't embarrassing, but I wouldn't be seen dead doing karaokee!
  12. Sounds silly, but it hadn't occured to me to sing my baby to sleep! We sing a lot during the day (usually boyband songs I can still remember all the words to that I learned at 14[​IMG]) but I tried "hush little baby" when settling her last night- worked like a charm! Thanks folks!
  13. For going to sleep/relaxing my LO loves it if I sing Tiny Dancer by Elton John! Otherwise, we like a medley of horse-related songs as then we can pretend to gallop.
    I also bought a cd from Amazon called the Nursery Rhyme Collection which is fab. It's the only nursery rhyme cd I've come across that doesn't drive me insane; there's actually some very witty arrangements on there. It's split into 4 sections (dance, play, learn and sleep) so you can choose the mood you want.

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