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LSP Level 3 Inteview

Discussion in 'Teaching assistants' started by jhussain786, May 10, 2012.

  1. Hi Everyone!

    I have an interview for a LSP level 3 next Friday (18/05/2012) but i just wanted to ask a question.
    On the letter it says i will participate in an observed group reading session with 5 pupils in Year 5. These books will be suited to the abilities of the Children and i will be obseved leading the activity.

    Could anyon give me an idea on what this might include?

  2. tamtams

    tamtams New commenter

    When you say a LSP do you mean a learning support practioner/person I have never heard of this title we are called learning support assistants, anyway, I would think it will like taking the children for a guided reading session, If the children havn't been introduced to you by name ask them their names and tell them yours, try and remember at least a couple of the childrens names. Each child will have the same book and would read a couple of pages each in turn. The school will be looking for things like your interaction with the children and do you question the children as you are going along for instance there might be a passage with a challenging word in it you could then stop the child who is reading and ask the group if anybody knows what that word means, or there may be a plot forming in the story ask the children what they think may happen next, make sure you ask the children to put their hands up and not shout out. At the start of the session before anybody starts reading you could ask if they have already read part of this book if not you could ask what they think the book will be about by looking at the front cover, if they have already read part of the book you could ask them to tell you what the book has been about so far. Look out for punctuation, do the children pause at full stops, do they read with meaning, do they know what exclamation marks mean etc. Always give constant praise to each child. If a child gets stuck on a word ask the group if anyone can help him/her out before you help. If the group are at the lower ability end the same rules would apply only you may not get so much punctuation or challenging words.
    Good luck with the interview.
  3. Hi
    Thanks for your reply, its a huge help I meant a learning support practitioner.
    Would you have any advice with an interview for an LSP Level 3 year 6? I have two interviews next week so I hope i get one of them.
    Thanks again for your help!


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