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LSBU Primary PGCE 2011/2012 people!

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by SuperMaria, May 19, 2011.

  1. Hi Hannah

    Thanks for replying - was just curious really! Have you done your observation week yet? Have they mentioned about the Health Check?
  2. Hi SuperMaria!
    The Health Check appeared to be a form I filled in declaring any illnesses or... 'problems'. I don't know if they need to go into my detail - I hope not!
    I've been working in schools for the past two years and LSBU have previously said the observation week will be the first week of September and then college starts in the second week. But! Last week they did say that you could do it in the summer term, because once we've handed in the forms we technically become a member of LSBU, I think. So, I'm hoping to do my observation, and the assignments associated with it, in the next few weeks!
    Someone I know did the January start Upper Primary PGCE at LSBU and really enjoyed it, so hopefully that remains true!
  3. Hey rumble

    Thanks for your reply! The Health Check form seems pretty simple then, it sounds as though it's just a formality, so hopefully they don't require too much detail! I was just curious really, have heard horror stories from trainees starting at other unis about how thorough the check was.

    That's interesting that they said that the obs week had to be done in the first week of Sept. They haven't been so specific with us upper primary people. I'm going to get mine done before the end of this school year. It's basically just going towards writing the pre-course essay isn't it? I know it counts towards the overall amount of weeks you have to be in a school whilst on the course, but I think I'm just going to treat it as though it's for the essay, if you see what I mean.

    Have you got any of the suggested books? Are you excited?

    p.s: how do I keep my paragraphs??? They always disappear once I post!!
  4. Hi Nick

    I'm from London originally but have been living in Bristol for the past seven years, so I'm returning to live with my folks in London. So it's quite a big move for me, hence why I'm thinking of sticking with the January start.

    I wonder when we're going to called for the CRB etc? I'd like to know as I want to book a holiday! Have you decided when/where to do your observation?
  5. That is a big move! I have hopefully found a flat in North London for me and mate who is doing a law course centrally. I guess CRB etc will be after September as they can't need to see us before then and probably have enough on with the first intake! Already booked a holiday so hope it doesn't clash...Will try and get my obsevation done during the autumn term, either with the school I have been volunteering at or through a friend of mine who is moving into a primary school in East London.
    Hannah, did your friend start January '11? Did/do they have any concerns about finding a job for their NQT year? Thanks
  6. Hi SuperMaria!

    During the observation week you're given 7 'activities' to complete and an essay (really short one though). They said to us that we could start our observation week now because we've signed forms to say we're now a member of the uni - I don't know how it'll work for those with a Jan start. I'm sure they'll let you know. I'm going to start a practice run of the activities and observation using the work I do now. If I don't like it then I'll still do the obs week at the beginning of Sept (since it's set aside for that purpose anyway).
    I'm currently deciding which books to get and seeing what my library has that may be useful. I'm ridiculously excited. I'm trying to keep it in because I need to get through the next section of work and then the summer holidays, but I really can't wait. I know I'll be really challenged, but I feel ready for it. It's definitely the right thing for me to do.
    I don't know about paragraphs! Mine just stay there... I just press enter once and then type. Uhm... I have no suggestions! See if there is a help section somewhere? Or maybe a mod that can help?
  7. Hi!

    I'm not in the same situation (I'm starting in Sept) BUT I would definitely chase it up. I've heard that Joe isn't always great at sorting out situations quickly. Just give them a quick call and remind them that it needs to be sorted.
    Good luck!

  8. MIne has been confirmed with GTTR but I think I fell inside the point where the all applications reverted to unsuccessful. As Hannah said I would definitely keep on them, I received the wrong course offer and had to chase it up a couple of times to have the correct one sent out.

    Hannah, not sure if you saw my earlier post, is your friend on the upper primary at the moment or have they already finished?

  9. Supermaria, are you using a mac?
  10. Hi there!

    Sorry, I didn't see this! My mind obviously had a massive brain freeze.

    The person I know did it a few years ago and she now has a full time job in a primary school, which gives me hope a little bit. She remember a lot of the tutors and she really enjoyed it.
    Sorry that's not very helpful! It does make me feel more warmer towards the whole thing. And more excited!
  11. Oh and also at the interview, I was so surprised to see that many people! Honestly didn't think they would invite so many to the interview. It's such a bizarre feeling, remembering all the people I spoke to and thinking that they would be ones to get through and not me...

    Also, can someone explain all the audits and stardards things for me? Am I right in thinking that in the first few weeks of the course, we have to take audits in English, Maths and Science? What do these marks count for, or are they just to see what level we're at and what we need to work on during the course? Do we take these tests again at the end of the year?
    When do we do the standards tests - do we have criteria to meet whilst on the course, during placements, etc or are they just for your NQT year once you've graduated?
    Sorry, this must seem really daft...just can't get my head round it all, there seems to be so much we have to do before the course....

  12. emilyclairewallace

    emilyclairewallace New commenter

    Great to see some other LSBU PGCE people on here! I had my interview back in Jan and will be starting the general primary course in Sept (part time). Are there any other part-timers out there? I look forward to meeting you all in person!
    For those who attended the CRB/intro day a couple of weeks ago - I was only able to stay for the CRB form filling session in the morning, as we found out about the rest of the day so late that I only had childcare for my two wee ones arranged for the morning. Did I miss anything crucial? I spoke to Joe Mann who said it was mainly a Q & A session, but someone above mentioned getting a timetable of when school placements will be? Any info would be much appreciated, as so far I've not found it v easy to get hold of the right people at the uni ;-).

  13. aw4


    I have just noticed that the January PGCE is a 'Flexible Primary PGCE Course' (sometimes it takes me time to notice things but I am working on it). What does it actually mean? I have tried to google and find the difference between modular/flexible/standard courses but the information available is slightly confusing (some websites compare flexible to part-time or distant learning, some say flexible courses do not have normal timetables or even that you arrange your own placements (!?) etc) I hope this is not a silly question (and even if it is, I would be grateful if someone could enlighten me on this). Since I have originally applied for the 'normal' or 'standard' September course but was only offered a place at the January one, I don't actually know much about the difference... Is it flexible in the sense that we are starting in January and that (as per the welcome pack) people can request exemption from some elements of the course? I know I should call the uni to clarify and I probably will after the bank holiday Monday but if you know more, please share!
  14. aw4 -
    It's been OK - to be honest I think a year is a very short time in which to feel prepared to take your own class...! I have a job for September but I have nightmares about the 1st day! I still don't feel particularly confident planning and assessing but a year isn't long and I'll probably learn more in my NQT year than I have this year. For me the PGCE was a means to an end and I didn't mind where I did it. Once I'm in the classroom with my own class I think the real day to day learning will start!
    Some lectures were better than others but I found that after the 1st SE going back in to uni for lectures was annoying and I just wanted to be back in school. The non-subject sessions like EIC and Professional Studies were good (because they felt relevant and useful!), and the AES experience was definitely my favourite part of the whole course.
  15. aw4


    BarraGirl and where did you have your AES?
    I have a one week's observation arranged in September but have just read the beginning of this thread and wonder whether I should change it for later (November/December) after we have signed those forms that Hannah was talking about? Do you think it will matter much? Or should we ask Joe (but then, not sure if he deals with that). Just don't want to be told in January they can't count the week as it was done too early... (?)
    Oh, and just to give you an update on the progress of my Gttr story, the uni has finally contacted Gttr and requested for the application to be reverted back to them (I had to ring them a couple of times - starting to feel like a stalker) and now I am waiting for them to reinstate it to an offer (let's hope they'll do it within the next 28 days before it goes back to unsuccessful by default!)
  16. aw4 -
    I did my AES placement in a school for kids with severe and complex learnning disabilities and absolutely loved it. I did it because I knew I'd find it challenging and ended up wanting to work there full time!
    As for the observation week, I was working in a school already in Year 6, so I just went down to observe in the Nursery for a few days. Only thing is that you have to get a form signed by the head teacher saying you've done it which LSBU send you in the big pack of pre-course stuff, but once you've got that I guess you could do it anytime you like. I did it in September just before I started but lots of people had done it in the summer term.
    Are you moving to London for the PGCE or are you already here? I'm glad the GTTR thing is nearly sorted - same thing happened to me as I recall!
  17. I am packed full of sexual innuendo, but for both sexes. I also tend to only use it outside of the work environment, I find it's inappropriate to use it within the workplace and I would only do with friends. The previous instant was ... unexpected! I shouldn't worry too much, hopefully people are respectful.
  18. To be fair all the women at the school I volunteer with are lovely but a little innuendo slips in, actually it reminds me that we are all adults and it is a bit of banter!

  19. aw4


    BarraGirl – You mentioned you worked in Year 6 prior to the course. What made you go for Early Years in the end? I currently live in Middlesex and could, theoretically, commute to uni but it is quite far so I am thinking of moving closer and save on the travel. I was even considering the halls, but from what I read online, they do contracts for 10 months from September to June. Not sure if I could get a place from January to December. I need to give them a ring and find out but I am not 100% decided yet. Will your NQT year be in London?
    SuperMaria – Thanks for the link. A great blog but shame he stopped writing in February! (probably too busy). Congrats on your loan. I have finally received the offer on Gttr and confirmed. I received a letter from Gttr congratulating me on starting the course in 2012. I freaked out a bit. I know it is January 2012 but I hope we won’t be required to pay the 2012 fees (about 9k) and will still be paying the 2011 fees of 3.5k. I spoke to someone in the ‘fees department’ of uni earlier this year about it and they said it is the 2011 fees but with my luck the Government will probably make a ‘new fee cuts’ announcement regarding January 2012 starters.


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