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LSA job or wait for supply work

Discussion in 'New teachers' started by moiramn, Sep 6, 2011.

  1. Hi. I have just finished my PGCE in D&T (Textiles) but am so far without a job. I have an interview on friday for an LSA position at a really good school. I did a my second placement at this school and feel quite confident that i might be offered the job. I love the school but is taking an LSA position the right choice for me. I have also joined a new supply teaching agency which seems quite confident that it can find me long term or even permanent work. Obviously i would prefer a teaching role even if it was temporary but I dont want to turn down the LSA job and regret it if i dont get any supply work!
    Does anyone have any advice that might help me make a decision?
    Many thanks, Moira
  2. Hi Moiramn. Obviously the money from the LSA job would be good... but you could potentially miss out on a teaching job.. however, if you are willing to wait a year then you could just look for teaching jobs for sept 2012?

    Good luck!
  3. welshwizard

    welshwizard Established commenter Forum guide

    One consideration you neeed to make is whether a Head would view LSA work as a trained teacher who could not cope with teaching. Some do hold this idea, a lot would depend upon how temporary the position is and the likelihood of D& T roles coming up in your area- in addition you could miss out on a teaching post if you were doing TA work.
    D & T has suffered quite a bit from the E Bacc focus on other teachers do ask the agency how many D & T posts they did fill last year!
  4. I would suggest go for the LSA job, as this could always involve covering a DT class perhaps regularly? I am sure the Head would be willing to discuss this with you and may plan for your personal 'timetable' to include such duties.This may lead to a good reference and improve your employment prospects for next academic year. I am sure most Heads are aware of the huge disparity between supply and demand in teaching at the moment (and in most other job areas!) so they'd have to be pretty out-of-touch and cruel to hold it against you that you haven't got a job straight away. Although, I've have this very experience of a Head questioning me on why I didn't get a job for September - but only with 1 Head out of around 10 in interviews. I am a primary teacher, and although my last placement as a trainee was with year 6, after the experiences I've had with challenging behaviour in the later years of primary on supply, I now will only teach year 3 and below on a day-to-day basis! So I dread to think what day-to-day supply is like in a secondary school. Agencies all say they can get you a long-term position, when the reality is that they merely may be able to arrange an interview for you to attend.

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