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Lower Primary PGCE university of cumbria starting Sept 2011

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by scabbers, Dec 22, 2010.

  1. Hi all
    Anyone on here got a place for next Sept at the Lancaster campus for uni of Cumbria next sept?
    I was intreviewed on weds 15th dec and against all odds got a conditional place. I haven't planned that far and am now worried about how I am going to afford it as will be leaving a full time job and am used to a monthly wage. I have no savings!!! plus I live in manchester and was planning on commuting not sure if this is feesible. If anyone else is plannign on doing teh same maybe we could share driving/petrol.
    Anyway get in touch.
    Abi [​IMG]
  2. I am in exacty the same position except I am yet to have my interview. I am currently working as a TA in Manchester (Oldham) and would be leaving that to do my PGCE and would need to commute to Lancaster whilst based at uni, however I would be looking to get placement schools nearer to Manchester which I know they do offer as my sister did her PGCE there.
    My interview is on the 12th January so am likely to know sometime within the next fortnight for definite. What sort of questions did the interview include?
  3. Hey abi, i've just been offered a place on the lower primary course aswell. I'm from clitheroe though so can't help with the car share. I'm worried about how hard is going to be as i left uni 7 years ago and also i have a daughter so not sure if i can juggle everything. Anyway i'm sure it'll be worth it. Lizzie x
  4. Hi John
    Am so sorry I didnt reply sooner, I didn't check this post for a while! Damn I would have given you some hints as to what they would have asked you. How did it go? They asked me what qualities I had that would make me a good teacher, what they would see in my classroom if they were to pop in, I discussed the PISA results and Gove's white paper as my educational issues. I also discussed how I would look at narrowing the gap between the high acheivers and low acheivers. That's all I can remember it was a bit of a blur to be honest! How did you do? Did you get a place?
    I know someone who is commuting too and got places near to manchester, but I have thought about it and when commuting it would cost me too much money in petrol, plus not sure my car would handle it, also the travelling time would really get to me I think. I am not a morning person! And would struggle to do everything. So I am now thinking about moving up there.
    Though that is if I can afford it at all seeing as no more bursary!


  5. Hi Lizzie
    Am sure you will be fine we will help each other through it, it will be hard but worth it! I am gutted no more bursary not sure if I can afford to do it, I certainly wont be able to save up that much money before Sept.
  6. Has anyone heard from cumbria - London campus for lower primary pgce?
  7. Hi Abi,

    I was at the interview on 15th Dec! Been offered a place for September on General Primary, although exactly same situation as you. Don't know how I am going to adjust with the funding cuts, was really relying on that. Mortgage, wife and Daughter to support, so it is going to be tricky to say the least. I will be travelling from Blackburn, most likely will have a small car to commute, will take up offers on car sharing for anyone travelling from my side! Good luck.
    See you in Sept.

  8. Hi, I had my interview on the 7th Dec and have been offered a place but am also now worried about the cost! I will be travelling from Rossendale which is not too far from Bburn and would be happy to car share but we can sort it out in September! It would be great to share the petrol costs!

    See in Sept.

  9. Also well done everyone! It WILL be worth it in the end...

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