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Low level year 7 finally engaged with something.....Grease! Some advice now please...

Discussion in 'Drama and performing arts' started by mrgroomkirby, Apr 27, 2012.

  1. Make your own script. Watch the film and transcribe, as a playscript, a short section or sections of the text - choose sections in which something happens. Get them to learn and perform. Keep it short ie 2 or 3 lines each but no more. Do scripts for pairs and then fours. And/or get them to act out parts of the story to the rhythm of part of the sound track ie physical theatre. Physical theatre - the telling of a story without words. Keep it short!
  2. Our school also had them create their own backdrops for staging the show as well. You could get them to to look at stage falls etc and comedic timing.
    Then stereotyping characters and giving them gestures?
    You could look at staging as well - perhaps cross cutting scene to scene? maybe even as a homework get them to make a prop??
    I agree that transcribing from the film is better for script, as the actual script has some choice language in it.
    Just a thought - what about creating a scene then getting them to add thgouth tracking etc to it??
    You could introduce lighting briefly (perhaps an ohp if you dont have lights) adding cues and music?? - would your music department combine with your ideas - perhaps a cross curricular link - they do the music and you do the performances???
    Hope this helps

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