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Low GCSE results in DT subjects

Discussion in 'Design and technology' started by sunshinebert, Aug 25, 2007.

  1. I have taught graphics for 7 years with good results. Last year the coursework grades were lowered and I was devastated. The school got an advisor in from SSAT and all teachers were sent on the AQA spec course again. So....after being advised by the SSAT, after 3 teachers being sent on the spec course how could we still get it so wrong. The moderator gave reasons as to why they were lowered last year and I obviously made sure these points were corrected in the coursework for the following year. It took me a month to pick myself up off the floor September last year. I have worked flat out and far more rigorous in fear of the same thing happening again. I will be using the Welsh board this year!
  2. Not wanting to brag, but our results have been absolutely fabulous this year. The Department achieved 97% A*-C across the D&T suite with AQA. Both myself and one of my colleagues attended the available exam board meetings in London last Autumn. Self help Controlled Assessment booklets were written based on their advice and peer support was encouraged throughout the year. Our AS and A2 results were equally as good with 100% A8-C at A2.

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