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Low confidence and singing

Discussion in 'Music' started by kstring24, Feb 28, 2011.

  1. I've got a lesson on Wednesday where the class (yr7) are using their voices to produce a piece of music based on the elements of music.
    I'm starting the lesson with singing, before they are using symbols to put sounds to. My worry is low confidence pupils - how can I encourage those who are reluctant to take part?Whenever I do singing, I make sure I sing with confidence and conviction and always point out that my singing on my own is far scarier that what I'm asking them to do, which is sing as part of a class/group.
    Are there any other tactics I can use in the lesson to encourage pupils further? Especially those that are point blank refusing to get involved because of confidence issues.
  2. You Tube link to advert for Honda cars where they use voices to make the sound of a car could be a good place to start... Search You Tube for Honda Choir (around 2006 I think)
    Then maybe link to a picture or an activity where they could use their voices to produce a similar sound (a ride on a rollercoaster, surfing, a bee collecting nectar - anything really!)
    Also Sing Up website (which is free to access and download songs/warm ups) has loads of resources to use with raising confidence in singing.
    Try also singing sounds rather than melody as a call and answer, or even in another language (the sound clip currently used on Sainsbury's active kids voucher advert is a good example!)
    Does this help?!
  3. I think the Honda idea's good for inspiration. Last year my husband and I were asked to run a workshop for a local school's 'Arts' day, where we actually recreated it - well, an approximation. Tricky, but it worked really well in the end.
    Anyway, the point is, it's not really singing - it's using your voice to create sounds, and it's a good way in to singing and exploring the voice for less confident pupils. I think you've already got a lesson planned, but giving them a scenario which they have to depict using their voices (and maybe body percussion too) is a fun idea, - eg. catching a train (footsteps/running, station announcements, train pulling in, doors opening/closing, mobiles ringing etc..) or making breakfast etc. You can, of course, incorporate the elements of music into all of that.
    There's a great YouTube clip of Cathy Berberian performing her piece, Stripsody - a series of 'vocalised' cartoon strips. Kids would probably be a bit bemused at first, but the range of sounds and expressions she gets using only her voice (and only tiny bits of singing, when she pretends to turn on a radio, for example), is quite extraordinary.
    Good luck!
  4. marlin

    marlin Star commenter Forum guide

    There are some good graphic scores in the Voiceworks 1 songbook. The drumkit (Clive Kempton) is one that comes to mind. They don't have to worry about 'singing notes' - beatboxing instead.
    Train Rhythms from the same book is also good.
    Always had success getting the pupils to join in with these!
  5. Oh my god, the Honda advert!
    That'll be a great way of demonstrating how they can use the sounds to create a decent sounding piece of music.

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