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Low ability Year 9

Discussion in 'English' started by nvincentbrownie, Nov 16, 2019.

  1. nvincentbrownie

    nvincentbrownie New commenter

    I have a low ability class. I think they would enjoy a lesson based on a game format (language or literature). Can anyone recommend any relevant websites / resources? Thank you
  2. roamingteacher

    roamingteacher Established commenter Forum guide

    What is the learning objective?
  3. tolkien

    tolkien New commenter

    Bananagrams or the Countdown word game could be useful.
  4. Kateray1

    Kateray1 Occasional commenter

    I use one called bird tree fish. It builds general knowledge and vocabulary and is very popular with my students.

    PM me if you want to know more.
  5. tb9605

    tb9605 Established commenter

    Depends how much effort you are willing to put into creating resources.

    I've seen an amzing quiz on TES designed to be like Pointless (based on A View from the Bridge). Likewise, a former colleague of mine had a Cluedo version of An Inspector Calls (students had to use a quotation related to the character they were accusing every go, or they didn't get a turn). Both would have taken hours to create.

    Whereas, I've sometimes had my students competing at games like connect 4, twister, jenga, cards, etc where they can't go unless they can correctly answer a question about the text (or, if playing jenga, they can avoid having a go). Minimal preparation needed.

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