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Love my job, but hate being threatened and sworn at.

Discussion in 'Behaviour' started by casper, Mar 21, 2011.

  1. casper

    casper New commenter

    I had such a bad day. Threatend last week, had stuff put on Facebook about me. Pupil said he will harrass me until I give up teaching. Welll it has started, had someting thrown at me today which could have done damage. I lost it and shouted at pupils, that is all I did as I was shocked. Other teachert shouted at me for shouting at pupils and did nothing.Pupil went home reported to paretens I had sworn at them which is certainly not the case, even thought they swear at me all the time. Called a slag across the canteen the other day These pupils cannot be taught, out ofmoe subject as they cannot behave and are baby sat by the head instead..
    This is an orchestrated campaign by someone with severe problems. I love ym job, but I am so miserable.

  2. casper

    casper New commenter

    Ok the latest is that I was teaching a difficult clas at the end of teh day.One pu[pil who was out of my lessons came back. I had a table trhow across teh classroom, which could have really hurt someone, How it didn't I don't know.Got all the pupils to sit down and asked about what had happened- silence. Then this lad started protesting. Called me a f*****g ***. I asked him to leave the room.He tehn said he wouldn't he hated my subject and hated me. I went to let someone into the practice room and this pupil said to me your life is f*****G over.

    What !!!!

  3. p1j39

    p1j39 New commenter

    That sounds like a threat of harm towards you. In other words, a police matter. Let your HT know thne report it to the police. You do not have to put up with it at all.
  4. I absolutely agree. If the Head does not take this matter seriously and act upon it accordingly, then I would report the threats to the police. But I know how you feel. Even though pupil behaviour is not as bad at my school as you describe it, there is no backup from the Head or Assistant Heads when we as form tutors or subject teachers address bad student behaviour. It can be very desillusioning. But don't give up! And keep looking for another job!

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