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Loud music while pregnant

Discussion in 'Pregnancy' started by CatsLife, Sep 12, 2011.

  1. I'm 14 weeks pregnant and I run Samba Band. It was the first rehearsal of term today and I've lots of new enthusiatic members. Until today, I hadn't really thought about how it might affect the hearing of my unborn baby - it was very loud and I could feel the vibrations of the drums in my body. I play the lead drum (repenique) which is held by shoulder strap and rests on my lower abdomen....

    I'm not sure if I'm being overly sensitive and/or paranoid, but is this level of noise exposure OK while preggers? I've heard that lower frequencies can be slightly amplified by the amniotic fluid.

    I was just wondering if anyone has taken Samba or played drum kit while pregnant and everything was fine with their child's hearing, or, whether you would/wouldn't take the rehearsals if you were in this situation.

    Many thanks in advance.
  2. I listened to VERY loud music in my car (long commute to work) went to the British Grand Prix and a take that concert all while pregnant and i have two beautiful ad not at all affected little girls
  3. egyptgirl

    egyptgirl Senior commenter

    I haven't played instruments myself but my husband is in a band (very heavy rock music) and I've been to see him all through my pregnancy with no ill-effects.
  4. As I said on music thread, I would tend to veer towards caution. On the internet there seems to be mixed views. (Some say your baby will come out very musical!) But I would just not risk that! Samba is very loud, and I have to wear ear plugs myself.
  5. It is also not like a concert at a distance, it is at very close quarters and continual loud noise.
  6. naomi58

    naomi58 New commenter

    You've got me thinking now!

    My class are doing African Drumming for an hour each week this term. I have to play alongside the specialist teacher. That's 35 loud drums - it's so loud the floor and air vibrates.

    What do I do?
  7. Thank you so much for your opinions and advice. I've spoken to the midwife and she said there isn't any conclusive evidence to suggest that drumming can harm an unborn child. She did ask if there was anyone else at school that could take it but if I had to do it, maybe not play the Repenique (the drum that rests on my hip/abdomen). She said that it if I don't feel comfortable doing it, then I shouldn't do it.... My employer now knows that I'm preggers, so they will be doing a risk assessment. I'm not sure what is says about noise, but I'll find out. I can't wait until baby starts to respond to certain types of music!
  8. I used to take part in African drumming sessions with my class every Monday. Baby used to kick away. He is now 21 weeks and is just fine [​IMG] xxxx
  9. i participated in all sorts of musical activities whilst pregnant. My lo is 7 months and loves music and regularly goes to concerts and rehearsals. I didn't play repinique whilst pg but would have done if needed. You've got to do what you think is right.

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