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Lots of Braxton Hicks at 27 weeks. Is this normal?

Discussion in 'Pregnancy' started by ilovetheweekend, Apr 7, 2011.

  1. Im getting alot of BH, more so at work and none in the middle of the night so they are nt waking me. My tummy goes tight and hard for a few seconds to a minute and they do take my breath away but I cant say they hurt.
    Should I be worried that im getting so many although they are nt regular, its just that this week they have been worse.
    Thanks x

  2. ILTW,
    I found that I was getting lots too at work and on the drive home. It was suggested that they could be linked to being in one position for long periods e.g. sitting marking at my desk after school then sitting in traffic in my car. I am not a professional (so is always best to check if you are worried) but I was told that unless they become a)more frequent and b) more intense then not to worry. If you think that they are linked to being in one position then just have a little walk around and drink plenty of fluid too [​IMG]
    I hope this helps a bit
    Beaties (37+1)
  3. hope you're ok ILTW xxx
    beaties, 37+1 woweeee! So excited for you. hope you are on mat leave and enjoying the sunshine xx
    Keep us posted.
  4. www.babycentre.co.uk/pregnancy/.../braxtonhicks
    P.S the baby centre site had some good information about BH- although I found that mine were lasting longer than the half a minute they mentioned here. Above all don't be afraid to phone your midwife if you are ever worried- I have called at several points throughout my pregnancy when I have been a bit unsure about something. Best wishes xxx

    Ladymarm, I'm not sure where the time has gone.I started maternity leave this week [​IMG] I'll most certainly keep you posted about the arrival. Hope you are well xxxx
  5. I think it is always worth mentioning changes like this to your midwife. I am sure it is normal- I had Braxton Hicks throughout pregnancy - but if frequency changes just get it checked - better be safe!
  6. I agree with what beaties said, I used to get them when i was at work or when I had done too much. I had them all the way from 12 weeks, and then LO was two weeks late! As moomoon said, mention it too your MW but doubt it's anything to worry about. I always thought it was a sign to take things a little easier...
    Look after yourself and your bean xx
  7. Hello and thank you.
    I spoke to mw, she said to monitor when they happen. They really do take my breath away. She also said if I get a low down pain and they stop me from sleeping to call delivery as then could be contractions and not bh and they would need to monitor. I was told to take things easy and put my feet up. So im going to do just that.
    Thank goodness holidays start soon and I can have a rest. I have another 10 weeks left at work.
  8. I got BH loads and loads for longer than 30 seconds - I had so many and got so used to them happening that I didn't realise when I was in labour!
    Good luck
  9. I always got mine worst when I was tired, needed a wee or conversely, when I was in need of hydration. Make sure you have a lovely rest over Easter and drink lots and you might find them easing off a little.
    Saripop- glad you mentioned having yours since 12 weeks as I have been sure I'm having htem and I'm only 17 weeks. Have had a baby before so maybe my body is practising earlier as it knows what to do?!

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