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Lost resources

Discussion in 'Workplace dilemmas' started by GirlGremlin, Dec 5, 2019.

  1. GirlGremlin

    GirlGremlin Occasional commenter

    I'll try and keep it short and sweet.

    In 2018 in September, a colleague very kindly gave me a folder of resources for my third subject to dip into when I needed. I put these in my cupboard, and rarely (if ever) dipped into these.

    Fast forward to now, and my colleague has asked for them back. Went to look in the cupboard... and they are no longer there. Searched high and low. Nowhere to be seen.

    This colleague is a cover supervisor, so did me a massive favour in giving me resources at all.... I feel terrible! Now she is covering this class again, and I have lost all of her resources, she is going to have to start from scratch with her preparation.. She is not a formal teacher and worked hard to collect what she had. How can I go about making this up to her?!
  2. sbkrobson

    sbkrobson Star commenter

    Have a look in the books of the kids' books to whom you have delivered this subject. There you might find at least some worksheets etc, and you can make photocopies from those which are stuck in.
    you could also back check those lessons in the books of the better kids, and rewrite notes on what they did.
    Ask your cover line manager if they happen to have seen them.
    And ask other cover teachers-you never know.
    Also-do you use SMH? Perhaps you put some of the stuff on there?
    Also,go on TES and get some relevant resources from there for her-you may end up providing her with some things she'll be really pleased to use.

    Allow yourself time, and tell her what you are doing to make it good.
    It happens.
    I lose something important just about every day. It's a measure of how many things we need to take charge of in such a busy environment, and how little control we have over what happens in our rooms. It is not a measure of anything else.

    (Wry observation-the day after she leaves post for another job is the day you will magically find them...)

    Edit-afterthought-a couple of times I have misplaced whole fat folders,and found them lodged in stacks of test papers. We tested six times per year, per class, so no surprise I would have carted off something irrelevant by mistake. Check your test paper archives?
    Last edited: Dec 5, 2019
  3. HolyMahogany

    HolyMahogany Occasional commenter

    First, don't panic, unless you are the sort of person that empties cupboards into the bin without looking at what you are disposing off, then chances are it is simply misplaced. When you look for something in a panic you stop thinking clearly and rush the process, a calm systematic search is required, I would not be surprised if you took it home at some point, or moved it somewhere else. Also it may not look the way you remember, I have on occasion looked for stuff with a distinct picture in my head of what I was looking for only to find the object looking completely different to how I remember.
  4. magic surf bus

    magic surf bus Star commenter

    Whilst I appreciate that not all resources can be stored electronically, surely some parts of some of them were, either by your colleague or on a staff network drive somewhere? In some schools that's policy.
  5. sbkrobson

    sbkrobson Star commenter

    Most cover supervisors are special magicians who come to post with a box of tricks and a history of acquired widgets. The nature of their work means they may certainly access whatever is stored on the shared drive, but anybody who has done predominantly cover lessons in their job knows that you need a portable treasure chest as a back up.

    I've never seen a fully comprehensive shared drive which covers all subjects and all SoWs. This is because staff are far too busy doing useless pressured tasks for the benefit of two or three people for next week, to actually complete the single most useful task which will benefit everyone for years, which is collating and uploading all their teaching material to the drive.
    magic surf bus likes this.
  6. mothorchid

    mothorchid Star commenter

    Honesty is best. And apologies.
    But surely the colleague would never have given you her only set of this stuff?!
    ridleyrumpus and Morninglover like this.
  7. magic surf bus

    magic surf bus Star commenter

    Myself included - I don't know how I'd have managed on supply without my trusty USB stick, which included downloaded YouTube clips to calm the savage beasts in the last 10 minutes before the bell released us all from our suffering.
    afterdark likes this.
  8. afterdark

    afterdark Lead commenter

    Are you sure it was left in the cupboard? Not the staffroom, the photcopier room? Look in the places in the school that would would most likely take the folder with you and place it down.

    Did someone 'borrow' it and you forgot?

    If not then...

    Send a schoolwide email asking for the return of the folder.
    Ask colleagues is they are aware that the resource folder liberation front have struck again?
    Offer a chocolate 'ransom' for the swift return of the kidnapped folder.
    Maybe somehas witnessed the 'crime' but is afraid to come forward for fear of terrible repercussions.
    Such comments might not bring the folder back but it will put the folder into minds of those that can read and appreciate a light larf.

    Failing the return of the 'lost' folder you might consider seaerching online for a suitable replacement pack of resources. There are far more of these than there were 15 years ago when I was on supply.

    If most of the resources were from a single pack then perhaps you can find a copy online; lots of stuff is now scanned and uploaded into the 'cloud'. It must be a ginormous cloud by now.
    Of course, one might naturally assume that your colleague has already paid for any appropriate licences.

    Good luck.
  9. Iulbahar

    Iulbahar New commenter

    I temporarily mislaid the only copy of an important course book last week, plus, even worse, the CD that goes with it. Found they had slid under the pockets in one of those metal filing drawers. Took me several frantic searches to find it. If you have such a filing cabinet, take all the dividers out to see. Also, in some drawer units, things on top fall into the space at the back if the drawer is stuffed. Just a suggestion, based on my tendency to lose things and panic! Or do you have a colleague who likes to nick other peoples' material. I had one of those once, ggggrrrrr.
  10. scienceteachasghost

    scienceteachasghost Lead commenter

    1. Have a calm search. Including places you wouldn't expect.
    2. If 1 fails, tell the CS what had happened. Apologise without implying full responsibility (another colleague may have 'borrowed.')
    3. Whole school e-mail. The majority of lost items magically appear in most schools following step 3.
  11. notreallyme75

    notreallyme75 Occasional commenter

    Did the resources turn up? What ha?
    Curae likes this.
  12. notreallyme75

    notreallyme75 Occasional commenter

    Happened. Even. Sorry for my phone. Just wondered how you got on.
  13. Lalad

    Lalad Star commenter

    Search again. They will be there!

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