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Lost NQT Induction information

Discussion in 'NQTs and new teachers' started by year1109, Jun 28, 2020.

  1. year1109

    year1109 New commenter

    I have completed 1 term of my NQT induction 4 years ago. I didn't resume my induction in any other school until now. I left my first school 4 years ago with no interim assessment/first assessment as part of my NQT induction to take with me, the school hasn't kept it either. I have contacted the LA to see if they have it stored. If it isn't located, does my Induction start from scratch in my new school? I know you can't restart induction but if there are no documents proving otherwise, what happens?
  2. ajc89

    ajc89 Occasional commenter

    You can restart/extend if you have mitigating circumstances.
    Do you not have a website where your nqt info is stored? Like a county teaching website or something?
    ACOYEAR8 likes this.
  3. year1109

    year1109 New commenter

    I wouldn’t have the log in details for it, there is a NQT manager website for the LA so I will have to contact them, thank you
  4. ajc89

    ajc89 Occasional commenter

    That is what I meant- You should have your own log in details for it
  5. year1109

    year1109 New commenter

    I don't
  6. surfblue33

    surfblue33 New commenter

    That would be your teacher reference number which you use with the self serve login. You should have had that through the post on getting QTS.

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