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Lost coursework

Discussion in 'Music' started by dropje, Jun 8, 2012.

  1. dropje

    dropje New commenter

    It seems parcelforce have lost Unit 2.
    I can get the CD but not the scores/controlled assessment due them being on student areas. And ofcourse none of the cover sheets will be signed as all students have left.

    What does AQA do? Rely on my predicted grades?
    I swear this happens every year...
  2. Never been in this situation but use the 2nd copy of the optical thingy if that makes sense. They will have to trust ur judgement without creating a 2nd lot of work for u!
  3. silverfern

    silverfern New commenter

    Can you get your IT department to access the student accounts to retrieve the scores?
  4. florian gassmann

    florian gassmann Star commenter

    I may be out of date on this, but if work is lost I think the aegrotat mark for the unit is based largely on the candidates' performance in the other units. e.g. If a candidate averaged out at the 58th percentile in the other units, they are likely to be given the mark that corresponds with the 58th percentile for Unit 2. There may well be some referral to the predicted grade for the subject as a whole, but I think this is only used if the centre has a record of consistently accurate predictions for the subject.
  5. pauljoecoe

    pauljoecoe New commenter

    Am I the only one who makes copies of everything before putting in the post. Its not difficut and seems very obvious to me.

    In addition all the work is on the school network which is availiable, even in the holidays.
  6. dropje

    dropje New commenter

    Did that for Unit 3 & 4 not 2 for some reason...time was against me.
  7. YesMrBronson

    YesMrBronson New commenter

    Give yourself a gold star.
  8. dropje

    dropje New commenter

    It seems parcelforce face a £400,000 pound fine for loosing course work.

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